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Mid Con Vacancy?

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    Re: Mid Con Vacancy?

    I find it amusing that this writer states in his article that:

    "Of the nine Mid-Continent basketball schools, only Western Illinois plays 1-AA football, and in the Gateway Conference."

    But than goes on to state that:

    "Valparaiso, which plays in the 1-AA non-scholarship Pioneer Football League, does play SDSU this season."

    For one thing, he has the I-AA label incorrect it is "I" not "1". Plus, he contradicts himself by saying Western Illinois is the only I-AA team in the conference and later states that Valpo is a I-AA team. Scholarship or not, both are indeed I-AA.


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      Re: Mid Con Vacancy?

      Last year I had worked myself up into a tizzy being all excited about our impending invitation to the big sky. In fact I had even mapped out several trips I planned to take to see the Jacks over the next few seasons. Obviously that didn't turn out the way I hoped. Now I am reading this thread I am very hopeful that something may break. Can someone tell me if I have a right to be optimistic about our being invited this year or is this thread just something to talk about during the slow summer months. I want to be optimistic but I also don't want a let down like I had last year with the big sky. Any thoughts about what my short term (meaning this year) expectations should be regarding a league.


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        Re: Mid Con Vacancy?

        The Mid-Con has a new vacancy one which will take precedents over any talks of expansion.

        The Mid-Con announces the resignation of Commissioner Ron Bertovich

        CHICAGO, ILL. — The Mid-Continent Conference today announced the resignation of Commissioner Ron Bertovich, effectively immediately.

        Bertovich, who was named the Mid-Con’s fourth Commissioner on June 17, 2003, cited his desire to pursue professional opportunities closer to his family in New York as the reason for resignation.

        “I’ve certainly enjoyed my time as Commissioner of the Mid-Con,” noted Bertovich. “I’m thankful for the opportunity and wish everyone the best of luck.”

        Dr. Richard Roberts, President of Oral Roberts University and Chair of the Mid-Con Presidents Council said “Ron has played a big role in the growth of our Conference, and we wish him well.”

        The Mid-Continent Conference will begin an immediate search for a new Commissioner.

        Anytime there is change there is an opportunity for more change. With new leadership perhaps a speedier time table for expansion could be possible.

        Go State! ;D


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          Re: Mid Con Vacancy?

          Another press release from the Mid-Con, as one my suspect not much here.

          2005 Mid-Con Presidents Council Meetings conclude in Chicago

          CHICAGO, ILL. — The Mid-Continent Conference Presidents Council held its annual summer meeting in Chicago, Ill., Friday. Among the topics of discussion at the Presidents Council meeting were strategic planning, membership issues and NCAA governance issues.

          The Presidents Council also awarded the 2006-07 and 2007-08 Mid-Continent Conference Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships to the Tulsa Sports Commission. The events will be held at John Q. Hammons Arena at the UMAC in Tulsa, Okla. “The Tulsa area truly embraced the Mid-Con Basketball Championships last year. The commitment of the Tulsa Sports Commission, the UMAC, local and regional sponsors and the fans made it a great experience for our student-athletes,” Mid-Con Commissioner Ron Bertovich said. “We now have a great foundation to build upon and are pleased to extend this relationship through the 2007-08 Championships.” . . .

          Go State! ;D


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            Re: Mid Con Vacancy?

            More on Ron Bertovich resignation, highlights from a Gary Post Trib story:


            COLLEGE SPORTS: Mid-Con commissioner resigns
            July 12, 2005

            By Justin Breen / Post-Tribune staff writer

            Mid-Continent Conference Commissioner Ron Bertovich announced his immediate resignation from the position Monday.

            Bertovich said he wanted to live closer to his family — wife Cheryl and daughters Meghan and Kimberly — who reside in Buffalo, N.Y. The Mid-Con will begin an immediate search for a new commissioner.

            Valparaiso Director of Athletics Mark LaBarbera said the other Mid-Con ADs will have a conference call today to discuss the future of the conference and perhaps suggest possible replacements. . . .

            Last season, Bertovich and the Mid-Con came under raps for its basketball conference schedules, which required teams to sometimes play three games in five days or four games in seven days. In April, Bertovich said the schedules would be changed for this season, with a more traditional format of Thursday-Saturday for men’s games and Saturday-Monday for women’s games.

            Bertovich became the Mid-Con’s fourth commissioner on June 17, 2003, when he replaced Jon Steinbrecher.

            Previously, he was the Atlantic 10 Conference commissioner and the executive vice president of administration for the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres.

            “I’ve certainly enjoyed my time as commissioner of the Mid-Con,” Bertovich said in a statement. “I’m thankful for the opportunity and wish everyone the best of luck.”

            Reached on his cell phone Monday, Bertovich had no further comment other than stating “It makes sense to pursue opportunities back toward New York.”

            LaBarbera, who also is from Buffalo, understood Bertovich wanting to see family on a more routine basis.

            “We talked about it, and I know it was tough for him,” LaBarbera said. “Even if you only see your family every three weeks, that’s tough on somebody.

            “The fact that he’s expressed an interest in trying to find a position closer to them certainly makes a lot of sense. I can certainly appreciate that as a family man myself.”

            Ed Grom remains the Mid-Con’s associate commissioner, while Angie Torain is the assistant commissioner. . . .

            Go State! ;D


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              Re: Mid Con Vacancy?

              A quick story from the Brookings Register.  Highlights and link:


              No expansion...yet for Mid-Con

              BY ERIC X. VICCARO

              CHICAGO, Ill. — South Dakota State University athletic director Fred Oien didn't expect expansion to proceed on the Mid-Continent Conference's agenda at its annual meetings.

              Oien was right.
              The Mid-Con announced Monday in a press release that the President's Council discussed membership issues, but didn't make any plans to add SDSU to the league.  .  .  .

              Oien said he hopes fans will remain tolerant with respect to the school's current independent status.
              "It's not as big a problem as what the public thinks," Oien said. "I think it's a matter of us being patient. We know more conferences will have to fill vacancies, there will be more of that in the next year."

              Oien has also been in discussions with various leagues, including the Mid-Con, Big Sky, Horizon and Missouri Valley about the potential of forming affiliations for selected athletic activities — including baseball, swimming, softball, wrestling and the first-year equestrian program.  .  .  .

              Oien said there is the distinct possibility a wrestling conference will form among many independent schools in the upper Midwest and far west — including SDSU, Fresno State, Air Force and Northern Iowa.  .  .  .

              Oien said the school has been making presentations about joining a conference since announcing it was transforming from an NCAA Division II school to Division I in December 2002. with the first date of the five-year transition on July 1, 2004.
              If SDSU was to join the Mid-Con, Oien would be satisfied.

              I think this article speaks to sdman's question of a timeline.  I have stated before that things will heat up for us next year as we close in on playoff eligibility.  We must remember that UNC got a one year head start on us as far as the process of reclassification goes.  Conference affiliation will happen for us and NDSU.

              Go State!  ;D


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                Re: Mid Con Vacancy?

                Rome was not built in one day and maybe that sounds hackeneyed, but I think it applies here. Its good to see the Brookings Register out in front with this article dove-tailed to the offical press release.

                UNC's location seemed appeasing to Sac St and Portland St. and that may also have been a factor in UNC making it to the BSC.


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                  Re: Mid Con Vacancy?

                  Press release from the Mid-Con:


                  Oakland’s Jack Mehl appointed Mid-Con Interim Commissioner

                  ELMHURST, ILL. — The Mid-Continent Conference announced today the appointment of Oakland University Athletics Director Jack Mehl as the interim Commissioner of the Mid-Con, effectively immediately.

                  Mehl, entering his 11th year as the head of the Oakland athletics department, was appointed by the Executive Committee to replace Ron Bertovich, who resigned on Monday, on an interim basis. Mehl, who will not be a candidate for the Commissioner’s position, will oversee conference operations until a new conference Commissioner is named. He is the immediate past Chair of the Mid-Continent Conference Joint Council.

                  “There were a number of important initiatives begun under Ron Bertovich’s tenure and we hope to keep that momentum going during the next 90 days,” Mehl said. . . .

                  Go State! ;D


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                    Re: Mid Con Vacancy?

                    In Sundays Fargo Forum for which a link was posted under Rivalry under Smack, Fred Oien was quoted that that AD's of Mid Cont told him to be patient as NDSU and SDSU were on the radar screen for potential conference members. This was at the recent D1 AD's meeting.

                    Although the recent press releases do not indicate the same, I think the resignation of the Mid Cont commissioner reflects a number of issues that he and the conference members could not resolve. Expansion could be one of them.

                    With a new Commish and going forward, expansion could be on the table. I think we need to be paying attention to press releases, message boards and what have you for leaks, clues and press releases.

                    I personally have not given up on the Mid Cont and realistically think this is where SDSU and NDSU will end up as a conference member. BSC may not be the perfect fit either when you consider they do not sponor baseball and wrestling. With UNC getting in the BSC, they still have this problem of finding a conference for both of these sports.