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    Originally posted by GoJacks2011 View Post

    We can match their resume but they’re still a P5 school and a great program. Would love to see her come to us but I think she’s looking to go out of state based on these offers.
    Does she really average a smidgen (sp?) over 50% 3 pt shooting, dang near 60% 2 pt range ( Ashlyn Koupal 2026 SDSU offer - 57.58%/53.85%/69.2%; 21.0/5.0/0.67/0/0.67 ) that's amazing if she can keep that up (fairly close anyway) No wonder she's getting a lot of interest, I'll have to watch her play no matter where she ends up. She must not take a ton of shots though, JUST (what?) 21 pts a game. Must be like the Jacks, everyone can score for Wagner HS. Wonder what Caitlyn Clarks HS stats were like, pretty dang good too I'd guess.


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      Koupal adds an offer from Dawn and the Gophers.