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    WOW WOW WOOOOOWWWWWWW IDK it the person who wrote the article thought that was saying something about DJ but to me that is all about TJ. cannot tell how many times my family would get upset watching DJ and talk about the negative parts of his game. my response would always be this is not about a bad player!!!! this is about BAD coaching!!!

    do any of you own a business? if you have a bad employee do you sit around complaining about bad employee? NO you train them or you get rid of them PERIOD. how does TJ coach him for 2 years at state and a redshirt year at unlv and half way through this year he has a problem with his defense and moving the ball???? ahhhhhh hello mr otz! look in the mirror! kid should have been pulled OUT of games as a freshman for no defense and bad shot selection NOT to punish him or because you think he is bad person!!

    because you love him and you are trying to help him be the best that he can be!!! this kid could have been absolutely one of the very best jackrabbits ever!! but he was never held accountable and forced to grow as a player and unfortunately probably not as a person either

    EVERY word i am about to write is total speculation!!!! i have ZERO proof any of this ever happened!!!

    but i really really believe that after TJ left, that hendo sat down with DJ and talked to him about WANTING him to STAY but that things would be different. he talked to him about tough love

    DJ thought, hmmmmm well i never needed any tough love before?? WHY do i need it now, and off he goes


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      to be clear i think DJ was an amazing offensive player and one of the most talented kids we have EVER had at sdsu. it is such a bummer that we never got to see everything he was truly capable of!!!! and i think BIG reason we did get to see the good that we did see from him is he was surrounded with a bunch of other very talented, but also VERY mature and amazing young men!!!!


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        Broden Lien senior highlights.