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    Originally posted by Southeast View Post
    Interesting draw for SDSU:

    - The bye is week one.
    - At Omaha, ORU, NDSU and Denver - three of those are traditionally tough places to win and Denver gets a few upsets on their home court every year.
    - USD at home is obviously a big plus, but that seems to indicate that the WBB team will play two in Vermillion.
    - It looks like all the games are on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

    I assume there will be no fans or very few fans - will that minimize the home court advantage in places like Brookings and Vermillion?
    Nope. You’re getting both. Doubleheader’s


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      Originally posted by yoteforever View Post

      Nope. You’re getting both. Doubleheader’s
      Wow. Wonder how they decided that? I'd be pissed if they forced our men and women to play in Vermillion.


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        Still waiting for The Summit League to put out these schedules. The only one I can find is Goodman's tweet for the men's schedule. Why are we finding out more from the sports writer's "leak" than the actual League? If the schedule is out there post it for us.
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          Any word on whether fans will be allowed to attend?


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            I would really like USD and NDSU"s schedules if I was them.

            USD does have to go to SDSU but their other road trips are to UND, WIU and KC.
            NDSU does have to go to USD but their other road trips are to UND, WIU and KC.

            Both teams get ORU, DU and Omaha at home. I know that Omaha lost a lot with their seniors but most years you could argue that all 3 of the teams that they play at home are better than any of the road teams. Maybe this year will be different though.


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              Anyone else first think back to ncc days? I use to love friday and saturday double headers. Lot of fun. Hope students can attend. Will be interesting but honestly seems like s good way to do it.
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