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  • Originally posted by goon View Post
    I thought it was odd they didnt run around more to burn more clock. If you going to give them a chance like we did, i find it inexcusable that we didnt have 3 tightends on the goal line for the hailmary. What is a 5'9 db going to do. Why not a 6'7 TE. Watching at home, i thought, if you want to win go for it and get first down, if you want to play it safe put it out of bounds aiming for the 10 yard line. If you want to to risk running time out you run strong around backfield to eat up all the time. Basically the play we ran was the last option i would have thought of.
    I also thought it was very odd Chris seemed to be running or passing for a 1st down!!?? Run backwards…stay away from the defense so there’s no stripping of the football…then chuck it high and long towards the end zone…the ball in the air has to be 4 seconds right there. What was Chris really told to do?? Did he sort of panic and just give it an ill advised heave two seconds too early!!!