Oklahoma and Texas moving to the SEC has set into motion a lot of turmoil in other conferences in a mad dash to retain members and to remain relevant. The dominos are really starting to fall in many conferences and it will be interesting to see how it impacts the FCS division. That picture is starting to become more clear today as the Atlantic Athletic Conference (AAC) has announced the addition of six teams after Houston, Cincinnati, and UCF all announced their intention to leave the AAC.

[url}American Athletic Conference expands to 14 teams for football, adding six Conference USA programs - CBSSports.com{/url]

It appears the first teams from the FCS are close to moving up to the FBS division. James Madison is widely being speculated as a target to move up to FBS.

[url}The latest round of FBS realignment could hinge on a school that's not even in FBS (msn.com){/url}

The Sun Belt is being rumored as trying to lure Southern Miss, Marshall, and Old Dominion from Conference USA which leaves them with 5 teams. What would happen next is anyone's guess. It could mean overtones to several FCS schools. No doubt the Bison fans are salivating at the chance to move up. It is part of their ascent to assume their "rightful place" amongst the BCS elite. Seriously, that is what many of them think.

It is still largely speculative but the announcement of the moves by the AAC will put a lot of things in place. Going to be interesting to see how it shakes out. Where will SDSU end up? Would FCS be as much fun for the Jacks without James Madison and NDSU?

Right now we just need to focus on going 1-0!