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Thread: Sell sticking around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nidaros View Post
    I cannot find a publish date, but since it mentions 2019, it is sometime this year. What surprised me was 2013 salary for Trev Albert. I am sure he has gotten additional raises but suspect he still earns less than Sell. Seems to me how many sports that the AD has manage would be a big factor in the salary earned.
    I would guess the size of the budget as well would be a factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by filbert View Post
    I don't know for sure, but I think there are plenty of P5 AD's making seven figures, so if one of the big boys wants him, and money's the only issue, they'll still get him. 2013 average FBS salary for AD's was $515,000, according to:
    Gene Taylor left NDSU to be an associate AD at Iowa because he knew the jump from NDSU to the P5 wasnít going to happen without slightly moving up. I have no idea on Sellís aspirations or future but heíll likely need to make another move before heíd reach the P5. As many know, it worked out for Gene Taylor as heís now the AD at Kansas State and of course hired Chris Klieman away from NDSU.
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    You guys have a very good AD. If youíre administration takes care of him and he really likes SDSU I can see him being there several more years. Your coaches trust and like him, thatís important.

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