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    well, I am assuming that you are either an imposter for #1Coyote Fan or the embodiment of the stereotype that was at the end of my barbs on the smack of the USD site. I checked the site where you had taken the ban off and my IT skills are bad or the site is still closed. It may also be noted that you have not responded to my note from yesterday. I am allowing you to have the courage to answer this note or take the path that has been easiest for you. Respectfully, Old Hare(the only moniker that I have used or intend to use.)
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    Your PM line is full or i would have used that venue.
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    I would take this a an apology for the stupid attack. It is not ever my intention to be arrogant or personally attacking with my remarks. However, I do not normally succumb to bully type behavior as I try to be respectful to others which may not have shown in my reply to the stupid comment. I would normally be on the light or humorous side when confronted.. If that is not at first evident, please reread and reflect. As far as being in harmony, I am often guilty of poking a situation to find what drama might emerge(or emotional discharge). Thank you for the note. I just checked the board and I see that it is still closed.
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    Your a good dude...
    Even if you see the world thru rose colored glasses...

    Glad you on the board to help balance us out a bit.
    Your post's are (almost) always Quality, wish I could say the same
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    I had no idea what you were talking about because i don't visit the USD board. I just went there and saw someone posting under the name mitchell but just to so you know it isn't me who made those comments.
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    Hi yoteforefer. To give rep, you click on that old-fashioned balance scale in the right hand corner of a post. It'll give you a pop-up that lets you pick positive or negative rep and leave a message. I always sign mine. Not everybody does, but I think it's a good policy.
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    And a great 2009 to you also YFE. Nice response. No doubt the Smack board gets overblown by everybody as adrenalin flows. When USD gets a separate basketball arena, sets it up right and makes sure that it provides proper separation from the visiting players, I will have no qualms about seeing SDSU play USD. I should have mentioned in my other note to you, that while that incident was not pleasant, my other biggest gripe was to see ticket takers (students, yes, but also in the employ of the athletic department), wearing the pornographic shirt at one game that featured a Coyote behind a rabbit. That was the straw that broke my back...and I will tell you that would not be tolerated at SDSU. It was so bad that Craig Steensland, a weekly publisher down near Vermillion, wrote a stinging editorial and said he would never take his family to a USD game again. I know you will agree that was improper, and I am sure that on some other occasions, things that happened to USD fans in Frost, were considered "gross" or unwelcome as well. Nuff said. Again, thanks for your response and remarks!
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    Per your invitation YFE: got so many, will just pick out one vivid memory. We were sitting in the visitor's section (required by NCC as first three rows behind bench) in the back row. Just behind us and to my left turned out to be one of USD's administrative personnel. She was with her husband, an SDSU grad she proudly proclaimed but there to root for the Yotes (I never heard him speak a peep) and their (about) 9-year-old son. She was using the F word in almost ever sentence, and I finally heard enough swearing and said to her "You can say anything you want, but for your son's sake, I think you should drop the F-word." To which she responded, hitting me in the shoulder at the same time, "Shut your ****ing mouth old man." To which I responded, "Touch me one more time and it will be your last." She didn't touch me again, but went on to run down President Abbott and the AD and keep up her steady cursing. My wife wrote it all down and sent a letter to President Abbott (I know Jim on a personal basis having worked with him on a number of occasions and like him) about the incident. To his credit, he responded, and forwarded the letter to the administrator, saying "I don't think you will see this again" to us, but I see she kept her job (at least for a couple of years afterwards). It is not something I care to endure again.

    Keith Jensen
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    Don't mistake my posturing on this forum as it pertains to USD to mean that I don't have a realistic view about SDSU and its future in DI. I loved the glory days of the NCC and if it were still in existence I'd be traveling to virtually every conference game in FB and Basketball and it would be fantastic. I dreamed of the days when I'd be able to do that and now that they are here, the NCC is gone. So, onward and upward. I do think some work needs to be done to repair damage before we can consider renewing the rivalry. I'm not sure when the right time will be but I think its a long ways off. I could be wrong.

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