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    Originally posted by TheWombat View Post

    In a world were the vast majority of coaches play things so close to the vest, it's really cool that Hahn is such an open book about everything. I've never seen his refuse to answer or dodge a question. Some key takeaways:

    1. They're pursuing a few medical redshirts, Zach Carlson being one of them. Hopefully Mueller is another one.
    2. They're taking Tanner Jordan off of grayshirt for next year and putting someone else on it (I'm guessing Jack Thomsen)
    3. They're hoping for Casperson to go 184 next year though he acknowledged his injury problems and a need to manage them.
    4. They have some of the funding in place for the new facility but there is concern that the COVID-19 response could effect it's trajectory.
    5. They do attempt to recruit South Dakota wrestlers but some of them don't fit due to personality and other factors. There's still a push to recruit them.
    6. They do have a roster cap that they have to stay under though it must be pretty high as they've had more than forty wrestlers a few times in the past five years.
    Thanks for listening. I've got a couple of other special guests I've gotten to commit to the pod that I hope to get on. I think y'all will like what is yet to come.

    Also I might have linked just the second half of the episode so shameless plug and a link to pt one

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      Great episode with Hahn. Hopefully the facility can be built and get SDSU wrestling on the next level.

      Wrestling is the one sport that SDSU could be top 10 perennially nationally.


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        Guessing the medical redshirts are Carlson, Mueller and Laken Cook. Loved how long the episodes were as well. Hopefully they do end up breaking ground for the wrestling room first thing next spring
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          Originally posted by slosho View Post
          On this episode we interview head coach Damian Hahn. What a great Episode, Enjoy!

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          Excellent work, guys! I'm kind of in shock that he gave so much time and was so transparent. What an awesome window into the program!
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            Coach Hahn is the real deal. I had to msg chad about two hours in that I needed to go grab my phone charger! 2 1/2 hours felt like 10 minutes when you are listening to him. If you are a recruit or a parent of one, what better hands could you leave your son in?

            Wrestling People are as coach Hahn would say "the salt of the earth". Is it time for the JWC Golf Outing yet? With this coaching staff maybe we should have a JWC Fishing outing???