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SLT Championship GDT: Mavericks vs Jackrabbits 1pm Premier Center ESPNU

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    Originally posted by GoJacks2011 View Post

    Agreed but most of the crowd where I was sitting clapped for her.
    yes you could hear some applause. i would go so far as wishing for something like a quick but modertely enthusiastic say 2 rounds of thank you elena (or chloe, or hannah, etc... whoever the player would be. to the style of our lets go rabbits cheer) obviously everyone knows the jacks have large and enthusiastic crowds. i think it would be great if we could also be known for being wise enough to recognize when we have seen a great game or a noteworthy career, even when it comes from an opponent, and for being gracious enough to cheer those accomplishments even if sometimes in the heat of battle we dont always love all those players))

    i think this would be such a better tradition than the left right left right sit down cheer)) truthfully as much as i disliked hannah sjerven, i think she deserved a standing ovation in her final game at frost, as well as chloe lamb. i am NOT saying every team has a player deserving of that but we have had the privilege of seeing some great players over the years do some amazing things in games against the jacks

    off the top of my head who do i think deserved the honor of a frost ovation (i will stick to the D1 days but i could obviously think of some prior to that)
    ben woodside, winkleman, and nelson
    keith benson, jon jones, hamilton, bader
    Jon Konchar (my all time favorite D1 jacks opponent!! he was so fun to watch)

    i would say mooney and umude but if we were doing if for their final game at frost, we did not know they were leaving so they may not have gotten it

    N Seekamp (total stud cannot believe she did not play in wnba) C Duffy, Sjerven, Lamb

    Kevy Looper!!

    i am sure i could come up with some more. just would love us to be known for appreciating and applauding some of the great players who have been both a joy to watch and a pain in the butt)) i would think there would be many worthy of a good round of applause while a few would merit a greater honor


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      Originally posted by bigticket1 View Post

      It's too bad that KC had already left town, and Mensah wasn't present to receive her award. She was outstanding in all 3 of their games.
      no doubt!!! i think she had 82 points in 3 games

      probably helped her averages not having to play the jacks? Pilakouta might have averaged a double double for the tourney if not having to play one game against the jacks. they both had excellent tournaments and were very deserving. i do not think i would argue with a single choice on the team