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GDT: Jackrabbits vs Pioneers 2pm CT Hamilton Gym PioneerVision

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  • GDT: Jackrabbits vs Pioneers 2pm CT Hamilton Gym PioneerVision

    Denver(3-4) is coming off a loss to Omaha at Denver Monday. The Pios have continued to add some length as they are leading opponents 2.6/game. They also almost had a win on the road at Grand Forks {last week-10 days.} The Jackrabbits put it together Thursday to hold off the Mavs on the road as they attempt to be undefeated on the first half of the Summit. The increasing size of the Pios should not upset the Jackrabbits game as the bigs will need to run back on defense should the Jackrabbits have transition opportunities. The mile high city should affirm if the "starters for SDSU continue to play like starters(AJ statement this past week}." Go Jacks!!
    Best to remember these are kids and they are doing everything they can to entertain us, be scholars, and all in all be great humans. Jackedforlife

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    Off to nice 20-6 lead after 1st Q. 10 Jacks played.

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      Good game, going home with two W's in the bag. Denver's got a starter named Brandon, I think it would be hilarious when we play them at Frost if the crowd chanted "Let's go Brandon" every time she misses a shot or otherwise screws up. Maybe we could get her riled up a little? She's actually not that bad of a player.


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        I think Denver is a young team and learning. They could be pretty scary in the future. The Denver freshmen center and guards are special as the second half showed. Brandon plays with a lot of energy, although kind of whiny. Brandon has fouled out 5 games so far, but she is a good example for the freshmen to play with heart.

        Paige played a lot of minutes and she looked gassed at the end, but we sure needed her. Timmer was really solid and looks to me as the leader when the seniors are a little off.

        Altitude is a big factor when at Denver. As one who spends time around Terry Peak in the summer I know the affect of going from 1400' sea level to a mile high. You could tell SDSU was gassed at the end with lots of short shots and marginal legs for rebounding. This is one of the games we were out rebounded, couldn't hit the three pointer, were gassed, but still had enough tools to win by 10. Go Jacks!


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          Watching the highlight vid of the game, watching Timmer racing down court for a lay- up, brought back memories of Kerri Young's similar layup (8:11 mark) vs Creighton back in 2015 -2016 season . Not exactly from the same spot, but close,but Kerri's, maybe a little closer, she made her lay-up in two dribbles. That set aside, both Kerri and Haleigh made their lay-up in about 2 1/2 sec. Both are incredible athletes. Creighton's Coach barely had time to cross his arms across his chest before the ball fell through the hoop, likewise the speed Haleigh showed. The similarity of the two, just about full court length, lay ins and the quickness of them both just struck me. We continue to get these top notch athletes into the program.Ellie Thompson on that team maybe had the greatest footwork of any Jackrabbit post player, she could make defenders look silly. JMO. It's hard comparing play in different era's , as athletes seem to get bigger, stronger, faster maybe as time goes on. Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks.
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