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  • LetsGoRabbits
    I do not know when it happened. I HOPE it would be obvious i am not looking at the various team rosters on a daily basis or anything. (seriously i hope that would be obvious, haha) but i do look at many of them periodically.

    at some point since the last time i looked, Abby Flanagan, the juco pitcher from des moines area was added to the roster. of course, i have said many many times, recruiting is a very inexact science and or art, so maybe it does not pan out, but it sure appears that she could be very very good, maybe equal or very close to the two studs the jacks have returning from last year

    the jacks now have 6 pitchers on the roster. i believe last year they had 5.
    2 highly decorated returnees TK and Grace
    highly decorated juco Flanagan
    highly decorated incoming freshman from MN, Cocker
    transfer from UTSA, and former AAU national champ A Williams
    i dont have info about Lasey from Arkansas, other than she is following coach Mc. that would indicate that coach Mc knows her and believes she will be a benefit to the team in some way

    ALSO, i believe when i began this thread J Wilson, incoming freshman from MO was on the roster. she is no longer on the roster. dont know anything else, but last minute change of heart is not impossible or unheard of

    unfortunately, that means that at one time coach wood had an incoming class of 9 including 2 freshman from MO (one from St Joe and one from Blue Springs) ultimately neither arrived. hopefully that will not mean that the jacks will no longer have recruiting success in MO. they have had some good players from MO, including 22 grad, K Lennox

    i really do not know the timing but it appears that the girl from Blue Springs changed her mind early. at the time of coaching change or maybe before
    while Wilson from St Joe seems to have changed her mind at the very last moment

    overall, i would have to say these new roster moves are a net gain for the jacks. AGAIN none of this is exact and there are no guarantees, but I believe if you had to choose between Flanagan and Wilson, a coach would choose Flanagan every time. at the same time, i wish Wilson the best in whatever path she chooses

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  • LetsGoRabbits
    one of the new transfers, Alexa Williams, is from Lincoln

    i cannot say it for sure, but it appears that she is another of the girls from the Nebraska Gold AAU national champ team, teammates with current OU national freshman of the year Jordy Bahl and current jacks, Jarecki, Dumont, and K Schultz

    also appears that she is transferring from UT San Antonio. i actually lived in San Antonio and in Brookings for a similar amount of time. some or many may be surprised but i actually prefer the weather in brookings. the humidity in SA is ridiculous!!! but i do miss the TX bbq!!!!!!!! OFTEN

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  • LetsGoRabbits
    sorry i TOTALLY understand that was not particularly well written. i have a lot going on. busy and maybe not thinking totally clear, but i think you mostly get the point

    it stinks losing Cylie
    and i think that the Flanagan girl had a chance to be VERY VERY GOOD also!!!

    but all things considered the jacks came through this transition in AWESOME SHAPE!!!!!

    we kept 2 great pitchers who had more than good chances to leave
    we kept 6 position players with TONS of experience on back to back regular season and SLT champs
    we kept some very highly regarded younger players with less playing experience
    we kept almost EVERY recruit from coach wood and some of them definitely had excellent opportunities to go elsewhere

    and coach Mc brought in the first 4 players that she has recruited to the jacks and ALL 4 bode well for the future in one way or another

    the future is looking good

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  • LetsGoRabbits
    started a topic Updated Roster

    Updated Roster

    The roster has been updated

    I did not and i do not think i am going to do all the detective work on this i would have to, so i might be a little off

    but I believe that coach wood had an incoming class made up of 8 freshman and 1 juco
    recently some of you discussed 2 players following coach mc, giving us a class of 11 total, with 9 freshman and 2 juco

    from what i see the incoming class will be 8 freshman and 3 transfers (i know the one was at Butler CC, but i am not sure where the others transferred from, it is not listed on the roster)

    at the moment it does appear that Abby Flanagan, the stud pitcher from des moines who was committed before the coach change is NOT coming. at least she is not currently on the roster. i do not see any news of a new destination, at least currently she is not showing up at Creighton either. one would think that could be a destination, although maybe she is not looking for the rebuild that appears needed there

    since there are only 8 freshman and it previously appeared it should have been 9, it seems one of the other freshmen did not end up coming. i did not go back to the old news to attempt to figure out which one. all of them that i was able to remember, appear to still be here

    glad to see that both freshman from NE stayed (along with the 2 returning sophs) and one of the new transfers is also from Lincoln. so it seems that the NE connection is still in good shape

    i remembered there was a girl from nevada, and one from St Joe, and one from des moines area and those all remain. i was happy for that because des moines area and Missouri have been productive recruiting areas for the program recently so hopefully this means they will stay that way

    and nevada appeared to be a new area and that is good too

    all in all it appears that coach wood had 9 recruits coming and it seems like 7 stayed. that seems pretty good

    appears that coach Mc brought in 4 new recruits in the time since her hire and that also seems good

    the two who were mentioned before are both from wichita, so maybe another new area

    and one of the other juniors, who had never been previously discussed is from Arkansas. so it will be interesting to see how coach Mc does at keeping strong ties to the areas that coach wood and staff had success with, as well as if she can keep having success with the connections that were good for her at her previous school