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    JACKS WIN! 5-0


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      Tori with the single game tournament record with 16 Ks
      Tori, Grace, Cylie, Emma Oz, Jocelyn make the all tourney team. Tori MVP

      surprised that P Daugherty missed the tourney team. she definitely led the jacks in hits. VERY good tourney for peyton. hopefully she keeps the hot streak going in the region and beyond. seems like she might be coming into form at the right time
      she has been a little off this year with injuries but still batted .320
      for comparison, last year she led the jacks with 67 hits. R carillo is leading this year. i think she currently has 63


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        It looks like they used the quota system for the all tourney team. Winner got 5, runner up got 4, third got 3, fourth got 2 and five and six got one each!


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          Originally posted by Roy View Post
          It looks like they used the quota system for the all tourney team. Winner got 5, runner up got 4, third got 3, fourth got 2 and five and six got one each!
          yep! i cannot say that i listened to the whole team. a few seemed a bit of a surprise. but mostly it seemed fine

          biggest surprise by far and the only thing i found disappointing was Peyton not making it. she had to be one of the top hitters in the tourney both by batting average and number of hits. stats list her with 5 htis but truthfully she had 6. unless there is some way to be on base that i dont know about without a hit or an error.

          selection show at 6 on espn

          BTW the arkansas team we lost to last year. they hosted our region and won it. they have FIVE transfers this year from D1 schools. i might not recall for sure but i think one from Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Tulsa, and Texas. they are probably a top eight team this year


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            arkansas had both the SEC pitcher and player of the year. they were both transfers

            field of 64 is being announced right now
            minnesota is in. jacks lost to them by 1 at minnesota
            nebraska is in. jacks did lose to them 9-0 but also beat them twice 6-2 and i think 16-4
            princeton jacks beat them 3-0
            loyola marymount jacks beat them twice. one of the wins was by run rule


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              oregon state is also in. the jacks beat them 2-1 in san diego


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                14 regions and 14 seeds listed and still no jacks

                that means that they will play in a region hosted by one of the lowest seeded hosts

                15 seed is missouri. i bet the jacks are in this region


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                  Congrats, Jacks! Great tourney win under challenging circumstances, due to the weather.
                  This space for lease.


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                    so the jacks will be hosted by the #16 seed


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                      #16 seed U of Central Florida

                      UCF plays villanova in first round
                      SDSU plays michigan

                      michigan lost the big 10 tourney final to nebraska. as i already said the jacks beat nebraska twice. once by run rule, 16-4 and 6-2


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                        in theory, if the jacks win the region and all the other seeds hold,

                        the jacks would go to Oklahoma the number one seed for the super regional

                        so that is the good and the bad of going to a low seed for the region. better chance to win the region but it means playing a higher seed in the super region


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                          Good draw! Gametime is 230pm CST on Friday. Games on ESPN+.


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                            common opponents with michigan

                            they lost 3 times to nebraska and never beat them
                            they had 3 close games with minnesota. they won twice
                            they beat drake 1-0 the jacks lost to drake 11-4. but it was our second game of the year
                            they beat umkc 6-0 and 2-0. the jacks beat umkc 9-0 and 10-2 both in run rule games. and 1-0 in eight innings

                            that is all the common opponents. they have played a lot of highly ranked teams this year. they did beat the region host UCF

                            this should be a very winnable games for the jacks. if we could have 3 or 4 of our many excellent hitters be hot we would be in really good shape. i would expect that the jacks will play loose and play well


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                              I am only a Jonny come lately. But, my lord, Tori K is unbelievable!
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                                Game time tomorrow bumped up to 10 AM CST due to weather…deja vu. Still streaming on ESPN+ I believe.