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GDT: SDSU vs UMKC 7:30pm @ Frost Arena Midco/ESPN3

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    Originally posted by goon View Post

    Well, actually, you only have to cheer for who ever loses the first game. So tomorrow we can hate both teams still. ITs all moot if we dont win tomorrow.
    I'll concede I expect the Jacks to win. You are correct in that today, I can leave it to chance to see what vile team wins, but Sunday will require me to root for the loser of today's contest to win.


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      Originally posted by mitchellrabbit View Post

      I didnt think it was strange. I was hoping he would still be part of the team and was glad to see him. Do you think he is faking it. When i first read your post, it pi$$ed me off like you are doubting his depression
      You weren't the only one. It took courage to admit struggling with that, regardless of what one thinks of Noah Friedel.

      I've been vocal about my belief that Hendo is an excellent coach, and if it was his decision to "allow" Noah to remain part of the team, that only impresses me more. I'm assuming Lee wins Summit Men's Coach of the Year, particularly if the 'Yotes win title, but Henderson should receive serious consideration to repeat given the scheduling and roster disruptions he and the team have weathered.


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        Originally posted by LetsGoRabbits View Post
        if i am hearing you correctly, i think you are saying that NF has some other illness, in addition to what have been described as mental health challenges. i think we can safely leave the medical decisions up to the jacks training and medical staff. i feel confident they have it covered and are really in zero need of any advice from us.

        as to the mental health challenges, as far as i am aware they have no official staff for that, so i GUESS he either has a previous relationship or someone from nearby was referred, but i think it is great that he is with the team and i hope that means he is keeping as many things as normal as possible, including school and team related activities. again GUESSING, but i imagine the great lack of NORMAL has been very unhelpful in this area.
        SDSU has a Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) whose membership is detailed here. Kathy Heylens appears to be the most senior Athletics Dept. representative regularly involved with BIT.

        That is not to say that Freidel's situation necessitated direct BIT intervention, but it seems likely the BIT "network" may have facilitated connections for whatever treatment/intervention has been/will be necessary


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          Sorry, didnt mean AT ALL to come across as questioning NF illness. Just trying to understand the process to recover, it just took me by surprise (pleasantly) to see him on the court.
          It must be a tough struggle for the young man.
          Thanks JakeJC for your insight.


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            Originally posted by tbcruiser View Post
            Yes it is. Am i the only one who thinks it's kinda strange that a guy who is Ill, is ok to be on the floor in warmups, rebounding and passing, etc..... seems in great spirits, (which is great to see by the way).
            Maybe someone on here that is competent in this ailment can comment?
            what better treatment for someone with depression to still be included by the team in actvities and being able to root them on and share the friendships and fun. beats sitting in his room alone with his thoughts thinking about what hes missing.


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              Probably right, agree


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                it is UNDOUBTEDLY the best thing to keep things as close to normal as possible and being with teammates and friends and people who care about him and support him is the best course of action. obviously all of us have far too little normal thanks to this freaking virus/ how it has been responded to.

                good to know about behavioral intervention team, i am sure it is there for some positive reason but i dont think you could guess what exactly they do from that title)) if i recall, K Heylens used to be the NCAA compliance coordinator. maybe i am thinking of someone else, but that would not indicate a background in mental health

                anyway it really appears that the player the coaches and team are doing a great job of sticking together and facing this together. it is really good to see, but further evidence of excellent group of people associated with this school, department, and team!!! the jacks do a lot of things very very right!!! lots of good people who care about PEOPLE FIRST and athletes second. i hope there will be a day when NF looks back at this and sees it all as a very positive turning point in his life and i think lot of steps are being taken to give EVERY opportunity for that to be the case

                continued best wishes and prayers for noah!!!!