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  • Recent Mike Daum Interview podcast

    Very good hour long conversation between host Matt Bare & the Dauminator. Sorry if not in the proper spot.

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    This was a very interesting Pod cast. If you were name all time humility players at SDSU, Mike would be at the top of the list.. A very humble person. and he does not seem to change. Matt very cleverly work his mom into the interview and her impact on her sons playing skills. The discussion about the WIU loss was interesting. Mike said despite their poor season record, they were D1 basketball players. Furthermore, he admitted that WIU wanted this game more than SDSU did, No denial of the facts, it was a game we should not have lost. Thanks for posting the link. There is not much else going on.


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      A very Interesting interview. If you were to list the all time Humble Players, Mike would be at the top of the list. He has not let his pro career change him. Interesting that his mother was mentioned and the impact she has had in his playing career. Not mentioned in the interview, but both parents arrived from the long drive from western Nebraska to Brookings, one day before the game so that Mom and Son could go over fundamentals. Mike has some very loyal and dedicated parents. Also there was some discussion about the loss to WIU in the first round of the Summit. Mike made the comment that despite the bad record as a team, the players were all D1 players who wanted to win the game more than SDSU. The outcome of this game stings in my mind very much. Did bother Mike? You bet it did. Thanks for posting the link. Not much else going on so it fun listening.. .