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Fiasco in Frisco: the SDSU pep rally

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    Originally posted by mnjackrbt View Post

    Hopefully tailgates like this can happen in Brookings. Awesome but sad that we have to travel 1,000 miles south to have a great tailgate experience (not saying that Brookings ones aren't great... but this was something else) and to have more fans at a game than home playoff games. Thanks to all who volunteered to put it together and businesses that donated.
    I think there's more mingling at something like this. In Brookings it's a bit more spread out, and really it's the first time I have gotten to really enjoy tailgating, because I am always setting up, cooking, and tearing down. I'm guessing the people that do all the work in their tailgate spots in Brookings are probably a lot of the members of this site. Setting up all of that week after week and tearing down can be a little stressful, and I simply don't have time to wander all over for long.
    There also was just the overall enthusiasm of it being the championship game, excitement of seeing people you haven't seen in years: its just hard to re-create that.. first game of the season usually has the same vibe. It's warm, everyone is excited, see a lot of people you haven't since last year.
    With fans like this who needs enemas.....