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    Originally posted by witness View Post

    I posted that after he missed on every single throw in the second half and missed a wide open TE on 3rd down and fumbled it and should have costed SDSU the game. Idk why you think Gronowski is above criticism. He played amazing in the first half but I would have sat him for a series in the 2nd half to calm him down
    Time out. Posters are allowed only one "costed" per thread. You've used two. [Just kidding...feel free to write "costed" as often as you wish .]

    Gronowski had one thing in mind at the end of the game: winning. Likely he'll readily admit to some freshman mistakes but he didn't let them get in his way. Overall, a very good start for his college career against a team that has high hopes for the season.


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      Originally posted by Gojacks2487 View Post
      Any news on the TE Kraft injury?
      Stig said on the Coaches Show he has a Dr appt this week, hoping it's not a long term thing. Stig did say they had specific plays designed for him so they have high hopes for him. Will need him against NDSU.

      Stig also said Krockpot is day to day so that is good news. He didn't mention anything about Xavier Ward that I heard on the show.