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    Originally posted by jakejc795 View Post

    That's similar to what I'd seen. It still wouldn't address the NFL Draft conundrum (assuming the NFL continues to refuse to reschedule that), which is slated for 4/29-5/1/21
    That’s the tweet that I had seen as well.


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      Originally posted by Nidaros View Post

      There are ton of details that I never thought much about. I like the option of converting season ticket into a charitable contribution. Since have enough deductions to do the long form, this will work for me. I am 90th in priority points so no problems there. It’s going to be odd to start the season in thermal wear and end in t shirts, just the reverse of fall. Some of you have more communication with the staff than I do. Right now I don’t have any. Thank You for sharing.
      I emailed them early this week, but it was prior to MVFC initially delaying and then essentially being forced to cancel by other conferences' decisions. Of course, I haven't heard from them since, nor am I expecting to for several days, as there have been rapid developments since.

      I wonder if some sort of split-season could be an option, whereby they'd play the spring games for some incentive (e.g., seeding "points" for the 2021 playoff) and then have a standard 2021 fall season and playoffs rather than spring and winter 2021/22 playoffs.


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        I called in to the ticket office this past week to see if I maybe missed emails or anything going out with information and was told they had not sent anything out at that point. I asked them about ticket options and they told me they had been working on that for awhile trying to plan for any situation that might arise. I kinda pressed them for some info and they said not all details or options were completely finalized at that point but would have a refund, credit for 2021 football season tickets or donate it for tax credit and JRC points. So it sounds like we will have all options to pick from which I am glad to hear. I am sure they have been planning for this outcome for many weeks. I forget who I chatted with in that office but they have always been helpful to me.

        I am hoping spring can actually happen, I would love to end the season wearing a Jacks short sleeve tshirt instead of winter gear!