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2020 National Title Favorites

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  • 2020 National Title Favorites

    I'm feeling optimistic that there will actually be a football season this fall, so let's get some discussion going on next year's teams.

    1) The season is actually played
    2) This is the 10 best teams, not necessarily who you think will be in the Top 10 Coaches'/Stats poll at the beginning of the year, which, as we know, can be, way off base.

    Here's mine:

    1. NDSU - There's no major reason to think they take a step back
    2. SDSU - If we stay healthy, our returning numbers look fantastic.. Schedule is tougher this year with road games @ NDSU, UNI.
    3. Montana State - I'm not entirely sure what they lost this off-season, but I believe Anderson is coming back and they are a program trending up.
    4. Montana - They lost Dalton Sneed, but the Griz were probably a year ahead of schedule last year, and they still made it to the quarterfinals.
    5. Weber - Also had some losses in the off-season, but there's no reason to think they take a big drop.
    6. UNI - They lost their TE, but return quite a few others. Favorable schedule with SDSU and NDSU at home.
    7. JMU - They lost a ton in the off-season, and 2018 proved that they don't just bounce straight back after the loss of a big senior class.
    8. Nova - I believe their stud QB (Danny?) is coming back. They had a lot of early momentum last year before fading away.. if they return a decent amount, i could see them winning the CAA and making the top 5.
    9. APSU - Again, not sure what they bring back, but the coach is back and they are trending up.
    10. KSU - I bagged on KSU all year last year, but they went into Ogden and nearly upset Weber in the round of 16 with a young team. They should be very good again and will sail through their conference schedule. I still don't consider them worthy of a top 5 ranking now or in the past, but i think they'll be a fixture in the top 12 or so for several years.

    Thoughts and discussion?

    Post yours, or feel free to provide info on some of those teams and their returning nunbers.

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