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  • Receiver in trouble

    Do any of you know the Jack receiver who got in some trouble at the end of the school year? Is he coming back in the fall ??? I had heard through friends that it was up in the air as of May. They should have a great corp of receivers returning regardless of one exiting.

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    Re: Receiver in trouble

    I really know nothing and its kind of sad news as we have some good receivers. Josh Davis from Omaha, Solomon Johnson from Florida and Molliter from Minnesota.  Those three had good seasons last year. I hope and pray its not one of those three.

    I know nothing of the incident and judging from the Moeller/Malenly incident, I think they would not go to hard on this kid, especially if he has a clean record.

    Both Moeller and Melany will be on next year's basketball roster. I not sure what the circumstances were but they finally pleaded guilty and cleared it with the court. I really did not expect these guys to survive the outcome of this incident.


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      Re: Receiver in trouble


      Did I understand you to say that you do not think Moeller or Melaney will be back due to their legal troubles? Also pardon my ignorance but what did they do? I have been meaning to ask, but didn't want to air dirty laundry on Bisonville. ???


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        Re: Receiver in trouble

        Judging what Assistant coach Troy Larson said in June both are definitly part of the roster for next year. After the SDSU Alumni golf outing and eating a catered dinner at Volga, each coach gave a report on what was happening.  So if they are not back then that would be news to me.  

        As far as what they did, its kind of a bits and pieces thing.  It would not have been known to anyone, but some anti-D1AA fan found out from the court records that they were in court and called KDLT television in Sioux Falls. Chris Solari, the Argus Leader sports writer commented on it one Saturday prior to a big game, cant remember which. Had the Argus guy not commented on it in print, I would have not known anything about it.

        The story I got was that these guys were at a party and Marijana was involved.  The party got loud and someone near by called the cops.  Marques Richardson supposely opened the door when the cops came and the cops got the old burning alfalfa smell from the apartment and apparently, Moeller and Melaney where charged and why and what evidence, I really do not know.
        Marques was orginally charged but his only sin was opening the door and the charges were dropped. Marques probably thought there was a hot chick knocking on the door and that may have been his misjudgement. This kid can play ball. This is what one Brookings friend told me.
        Another story I heard was the players felt they had been set up and the some one who called the cops had a score to settle with them. So who knows what really happened.  This may be why the court continuance was obtained by the players attorney.  The incident happened in early Dec 2002 and it was settled in June of this year.  I believe it was a misdemeanor which does not have impact that a felony has in terms of student conduct at SDSU and the NCAA and NCC regulations.

        I suspect something similar happened to the receiver. The assistant coaches do bar checks during fall camp and the season. Last year against Chadron, a bunch did not play because of some team rules violations, that most likely were alchohol related. As I said before, these kids are not saints, and sometimes that celebrity status generates jealousy amongst non-student athletes and then again some student athletes have a hard time handling it properly and they do some dumb things.

        Its been that way for a long time.

        Two of the wrestlers  one named Jon Madsen a national champion at heavy weight were in trouble with the law. Jon finally transferred to Mary College in ND, where one of the SDSU assistants became head coach. The other guy whose name escapes me was blindly drunk one evening and did extensive damage with his car.  He also came close to going to Granite City in Sioux Falls. I dont know what happen to him but I believe transferred too, both good wrestlers though. I dont think either would have been kicked off the team, but I am sure they were walking a tight rope and thats why they transferred.

        Moeller and Melaney only have one season left so I think they will finish it out in flying colors.
        Lets hope so!!!


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          Re: Receiver in trouble

          Thanks for the education. I was pretty sure I had misunderstood you. I was sure you had written somewhere else that you thought they would be back.


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            Re: Receiver in trouble

            I guess in my rambling on there I was trying to say that each time a scholarship athlete gets in trouble, the outcome does not appear consistent. The reason being each incident is different. In my day, the big worry for any one on campus was a meeting Dean of Men, Mr. Walder. Kevin Wooster wrote a great column after the student riot in the 90's and told about meeting Dean Walder. Wooster had gotten a little smashed and stole some christmas trees from from Spies Super Market.

            Now the Dean of Men is gone, but there apparently is a student affairs committee that deals with student mis conduct, and after that there are NCC and NCAA rules that come into play. Apparently most incidents in the recent past have been of the nature of allowing the athletic to survive. I dont know if the Dean Of Men and his autocratic controll is better or not.

            Prior to the 1963 season, Nick Brod, Tom Black, and Denny Bush used the heat tunnels to get to the food service for a dish of ice cream, and they all had to sit out one season, 1961-62, That was probably too harsh by today's system, but it meant that Coach Iverson went into the tough NCC season with a roster of 9 players and they finished one game with four players on floor.
            It helped develope Bostic, Peterson and Rasumssen who were playing their first varisty season and were key players in the 1963 National Championship, but that prior year would have been awesome with Nick, and Tom who transferred from Wisconsin and a good guard, the late Denny Busch.

            I just have the feeling that there will be more pressure to lighten up with the move to D1, and you hope it will not get us into a bunch of trouble.


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              Re: Receiver in trouble

              Receiver in Trouble? No problem get a load of this from the Greeley Colorado paper.

              Article Published August 2, 2003
              Cutlip may return to UNC team

              Story by Samuel G. Mustari

              University of Northern Colorado quarterback Steve Cutlip breaks a tackle attempt during a home game last season. Cutlip was suspended later that season, but it looks like he may make a return this season.
              Tribune file photo

              Steve Cutlip has obviously said all the right things.

              Now, it appears he’ll need to do the right things.

              Cutlip, the beleaguered quarterback for the University of Northern Colorado, met with school president Kay Norton on Friday morning to discuss his future at UNC and beyond.

              That meeting resulted in UNC athletic director Jim Fallis lifting Cutlip’s suspension Friday afternoon.

              Cutlip is scheduled to meet with UNC head coach Kay Dalton, who will have the final say on allowing Cutlip to attend preseason drills and compete for the starting quarterback position.

              Cutlip was suspended in May, three days after he was served with a citation for disorderly conduct when he allegedly got into a fight outside a Greeley bar.

              School officials never indicated which team and athletic department rules Cutlip violated which led to his suspension.

              After Cutlip’s meeting with Norton, UNC athletic director Jim Fallis lifted the suspension, and has directed all questions regarding the matter to Dalton.

              Before his supension, Dalton indicated Cutlip was still a member of the Bears’ team, but under a “zero tolerance policy.”

              Dalton did not return phone calls Friday night.

              Cutlip, a senior, did not participate in the Bears’ spring drills. If reinstated by Dalton, he will report to preseason camp on Wednesday, and is expected to compete for the starting position with redshirt freshman Tony Christensen.

              After spring drills, Dalton hinted that Cutlip’s suspension would be lifted in time for him to return to the practice field this fall.

              “I think Kay (Norton) wanted to hear what his long-term plans were,” said UNC vice president for academic affairs Ken McConnellougue.
              “From what I understand, she wanted to hear what Steve’s goals were for his final year at UNC and beyond. From there, it’s up to Coach Dalton what to do.”

              Norton was out of town and unavailable for comment Friday afternoon.

              Cutlip’s suspension was the latest in a string of incidents involving the 23-year-old quarterback and the law.

              Before transferring to UNC last fall from Colorado State University, Cutlip was involved in a fraternity brawl in Wyoming. Later, he was arrested three times for shoplifting.

              After playing four games for the Bears, and being named as the starter, a discrepancy in Cutlip’s transcripts was discovered, and he was declared ineligible. He never returned to the Bears’ lineup as they advanced to the NCAA Division II semifinals.

              In December, while he was still on the team, Cutlip was arrested by Greeley police for driving under the influence of alcohol.

              Cutlip pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of driving while ability impaired, was fined $500 and received a suspended sentence.
              Cutlip was unavailable for comment.

              The following is a timeline of some of Steve Cutlip’s personal troubles while attending Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado:

              • Spring 1999 — While enrolled at CSU, he was arrested in Wyoming in connection with a fraternity brawl. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of battery, criminal entry and possession of alcohol by a minor.

              • August 2000 — With $17 in his pocket, Cutlip is arrested on suspicion of shoplifting a $4.49 packet of makers from a Fort Collins Shopko. It was the third time he had been suspected of shoplifting, and the latest charge resulted in a suspension from the Rams’ football team for the 2000 season.

              He was also expelled from the college, but later won an appeal and returned to class.

              • December 2002 — Greeley police pulled over Cutlip, who was driving a friend’s car, at U.S. 34 Bypass and 35th Avenue and suspected him of drunken driving.

              He pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired.

              • May 2003 — Cutlip was issued a citation for disorderly conduct after being involved in a fight outside a downtown Greeley bar.

              He is suspended from the football team by athletic director Jim Fallis for violation of team and athletic department rules.

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