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SL Indoors: Jacks Men 2; Jacks Women 4

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    Re: SL Indoors: Jacks Men 2; Jacks Women 4

    Originally posted by 91jack View Post
    I am just going to assume that SDSU has less coaches and less scholarships than NDSU and USD but don't know that for sure.
    Rod was an olympian but he seems to only be able to bring in men distance runners not women. SDSU might have 1 or 2 good female long distance runners but have they won the conference cross country meet in the last 10 years? I wish USD wouldn't beat us in that every year.
    USD has a olympic pole vaulter as a coach and he can bring both men and women plot vaulters too the NCAA's.
    I heard that Maci Heinz wanted to look at SDSU, USD and Kansas State when she was deciding where to go to college to. They told me that SDSU didn't even contact her. I don't know if they didn't think she could specialize in an event, not recover from her injury or what.
    Your opening statement is partially correct or correct in terms of comparing USD and SDSU in TrackCC expenditures for FY17.
    According to the most current report to the board of regents, SDSU spent $975,582 to USD $1,391,966. So we did spend about 416k less on these sports. If we were to ask AD Sell about the difference, I am sure he would provide details.

    Comparing these same numbers for FY16, it appears the difference is increasing but not by much $911,285 to $1,246,708,
    SDSU. SDSU increased the CCTRACK expenditures by 64K while USD increased their expenditure by $145,245, which is interesting. I think they sense that we are trying to close the gap with our new an improved facilities, but they got some new stuff too.
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      Re: SL Indoors: Jacks Men 2; Jacks Women 4

      I guess it looks like the title of this thread could just as well have been, "SL track: Jacks Men 2; Jacks Women 4". Both teams placed the same in the outdoor season as they placed in the indoor season.