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Big weekend and Important stretch of games

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  • Big weekend and Important stretch of games

    Jacks host NDSU today

    hopefully they can get all three games in this weekend. it looks very doubtful they get a game in tomorrow, but the weather folks have been wrong once or twice
    if they cannot play tomorrow, i would think they would play a double header on sunday, but maybe i am wrong about that

    Jacks are in 4th in the league going into the last 4 weeks, but it is by percentage.
    the jacks and omaha are tied with 5 losses. oru and the bison have 4 losses
    in the win column
    bison 11
    omaha 10
    oru 8
    Jacks 7

    so if the jacks could pull a sweep this weekend they would definitely pass the bison in percentage. taking two out of 3 would tie them in the loss column but probably leave the bison ahead by percentage and likely put one of the omaha or oru into first place

    the jacks travel to omaha next week
    then finish at home with St Thomas and ORU

    does anyone know the decision making process for which conference teams you play twice and which teams you play once? i am guessing it is just luck of the draw
    the jacks opened and will close conference play with ORU
    i believe that is the only team the jacks played twice in conference
    personally i would be happy about getting another shot at them and getting that shot at home this time
    but obviously some could argue it would be a benefit to the win loss percentage to be able to play one of the bottom teams twice, as opposed to the perennially excellent golden eagles

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    Assuming since the womens softball has been moved away from brookings that the baseball fellas cannot play at home either?

    where are they gonna play this weekends games against St Thomas?

    again big games! it was big for the jacks to take last weekend series from omaha, but it really did not move them in the standings. it maintained their spot in a competitive top 4 but they remain basically #4. and actually #4 too. haha

    they need to have a sweep this weekend against the tommies but the tommies are in 5th in the conference and the jacks cannot overlook them, which could be a danger since they had a huge weekend with omaha last week and oru coming up next week


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      the baseball game for today has been cancelled due to covid protocols, NOT damage to facilities or unplayable conditions
      and the remaining two games will both be played on sunday in brookings
      so at least the baseball field is not damaged so much that they cannot play there in a couple days

      todays game was declared no contest. does that mean one team is given win and the other a loss? or simply that it is cancelled? the jacks are already hurt in a couple different ways by having 2 games cancelled against ndsu


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        Jacks complete the sweep this weekend. beat St Thomas 3 games to none

        thankfully St Thomas got back negative covid test results earlier than expected and was able to play all 3 games

        the jacks moved up from 4th to 3rd in the conference. they also knocked St Thomas out of 5th and into 6th place in the conference

        it would have been nice if omaha could have taken at least one more game from oru over the weekend but,

        if the jacks could sweep oru next weekend in brookings then they would pass oru and move into second place in the conference


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          theoretically, IF the bison get swept next weekend and the jacks sweep oru, then the jacks and bison would have the same record.

          i would guess in that scenario the jacks would be Co champs

          but i think the bison play WIU who is in last place in the conference so chances of them being swept are beyond slim!! and the bison would have the tie break for the TOP SEED for the SLT because the jacks and bison were able to play ONLY ONE game this season due to weather. and the bison won that contest

          i am NOT guaranteeing that i have all of this 100% correct, but as far as i can tell this is where things stand and how they could play out