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UMKC gives Men's Bball Coach Extension

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  • UMKC gives Men's Bball Coach Extension

    Zvosec gets an extension
    One-year deal will help the Kangaroos basketball coach with recruiting.

    The Kansas City Star

    Recruiting in Texas on Wednesday, UMKC men’s basketball coach Rich Zvosec received a little news that might help him nab a player to take the 20-year-old program where it has never gone before.

    Zvosec, working on the last year of a contract, received a one-year extension. It’s a deal, said interim athletic director Rick Anderson, that benefits Zvosec in recruiting, while not saddling a new athletic director with a long-term contract.

    “We wanted to strike a balance between the two,” Anderson said. “This allows him (Zvosec) to go out on the recruiting trail.”

    Indeed it does, Zvosec said.

    “It helped from my standpoint and the recruit’s standpoint,” Zvosec said. “That’s the first question out of a parent’s mouth: ‘Coach, how long are you going to be there?’ I plan on being there a long time.” . . . (read more)

    Go State!