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  • Originally posted by filbert View Post
    What with everything going on in and around higher education, I am fairly sure that many colleges will have far greater worries than intercollegiate athletics in the next couple of years.

    For example: a lot of people were exposed to distance learning in the past few months that would never have otherwise considered it. With distance learning, it's as easy to "attend" a college in NY, Texas or California as it is to attend one via distance learning five miles away. Why distance-learn from Localtown University when you can do it from a college elsewhere with a better national reputation?

    I suspect many traditional residential campus colleges and universities will find it impossible to successfully compete in the coming years--smaller state institutions and less-well-known privates are particularly at risk.
    You have said a mouthful of what is currently going on. If we shut down like we have, starting back up no doubt everyone is faced with better way options. Distance learning one of them.
    I am glad I am retired and not in the job market.


    • St. Thomas move on NCAA agenda this week.


      • I just noticed a major gift to Augustana by one of its all time great basketball players Bob Swanhorst of Cresbard SD. I remember Bob competing against the Jacks. Coach Ole Odney stuck his neck out and recruited Swanhorst, Howie Bich from Yale near Huron, and a third one from Class B.. It was very generous of Swanhorst to give a million bucks. Apparently he has done some good financial planning. Teachers generally are not that wealthy.