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  • 10 reasons to celebrate

    Here are 10 reasons for SDSU fans to celebrate the transition to D-1. Please suggest others.
    1. A conference championship in football.
    2. A conference championship in volleyball.
    3. NIT experience in womenís basketball.
    4. Fans of D-1 schools donít throw dead animals or vegetables on basketball courts.
    5. The SDSU football team does not play in a building that limits seating to under 10,000 people.
    6. The Dykhouse Student Athlete Center and other facility improvements will help programs.
    7. SDSU is not in the Big Sky Conference for any sport.
    8. SDSUís nickname is not the focus of NCAA controversy or negotiation.
    9. More national exposure for SDSU sports engages graduates around the country, helps boost enrollment and ultimately improves academic programs at the state's largest university.
    10. The transition is nearly over.
    This space for lease.

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    Re: 10 reasons to celebrate

    Mitch Erickson, ALL-AMERICA offensive lineman, one of only two Great West Football Conference All-Americans (the other being the great Cal Poly Wide Receiver, Ramses Barden).

    [Bison not happy!]


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      Re: 10 reasons to celebrate

      Don't care what Udot does


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        Re: 10 reasons to celebrate

        This may have been posted already on the message board and I simply missed it and apologize if its been posted. Its in the smack section because it uses the same mind set that USD fans would use when comparing scores. So, let us cheer on Ohio State to beat LSU.

        SDSU beat NDSU by 5 - SDSU is better than NDSU by 5
        NDSU beat the Gophers by 6 - SDSU is better than the Gophers by 11
        Iowa beat the Gophers by 5 - SDSU is better than Iowa by 6
        Iowa beat Illinois by 4 - SDSU is better than Illinois by 10
        Illinois beat Ohio State by 7 - SDSU is better than Ohio State by 17

        Therefore, if Ohio State beats LSU or loses by 16 or less - SDSU would be National Champs.

        Go big, Go blue, Go Jacks and go Buckeyes!
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          Re: 10 reasons to celebrate

          Get post Chains!! Rep points for that one. An excellent use of the transitive property!!


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            Re: 10 reasons to celebrate

            Shouldn't be rep points for using usd2 logic.