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  • MVFC Opponents’ Beer

    SDSU and Fernson Brewery have teamed up to market the official beer of SDSU: Ears Up Lager.

    If our MVFC opponents decided to follow our lead, what should they name their select lager, porter, stout, kolsch, IPA,....?

    You marketing geniuses can’t pick the obvious names — USD “Wait ‘Til Next Year” no alcohol near beer has already been considered -and rejected as not funny.

    The name-selection committee has declared that this thread shall only propose names for opponents’ beer — SDSU has already made its selection.

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    USD - Frat Boy Lite
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      Originally posted by Prairiehaas View Post
      USD - Frat Boy Lite
      They have one for 'Yotes called "Yipeeo" -- yes a Jacks alum crafted their brew before Ears Up

      As for other MVFC teams', slogans optional:
      • ISU-B = Syacmore Sap -- who needs Guiness when you can slurp Sap?
      • ISU-R = Spack's Chevron -- a drink so "hirsute" you'll be sprouting a "Spack 'stache" by halftime
      • MSU = Bear Bait -- tastes so good you'll be going back to the well almost as much as Petrino goes to the portal (transfer NOT commode)
      • Murray Muck = We hear y'all saying we'll muck up the conference's playoff bids, but let our finest KY concoction lubricate our eventual union (it's what we do in KY)
      • NDSU = Bison Patty -- hints of buffalo chips make this a drink only the heartiest ungulate can endure
      • SIU = Saluki Spit -- we swear Nick Hiill slams these before each presser
      • UND = 'Dome Drippings -- we saw Kraft's posts; it was condensation; hold this while we demonstrate
      • UNI = 'Dome Panther" -- pleases the palate almost as much as Farley likes hats
      • WIU = Macomb Leather -- girds the gut for those arduous Macomb roadtrips
      • YSU = Bo's Brew -- we can't lie; we miss Pelini, so tip one back with us to commiserate
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        Potential Beer Names:

        -USD Yote Piss

        -NDSU Bison Drool

        -St Thomas Blueberry Lambic

        -Omaha Mav Malt liquor

        -ORU Eagle N/A

        -Denver Raised Nose Double IPA

        -Youngston St Wrong Side of the Tracks Sour Ale



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          If the name was available, would St. Thomas start a brew they'd call "St. Pauli Girl"?


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            Yote Piss would claim to have 15% alcohol...closer to 2.3%. It would be a low cal seltzer, but the stupid number of Jolly Ranchers that the frat boys add to it takes the calorie count into the hundreds.
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