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  • d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

    Fellas,  If you want to read something interesting read the article on bisonville under the above path from the billings, montana newspaper.  Speculation about ndsu and possibly unc going to the big sky - not a word about sdsu.  Gosh, I guess your "partner" is going to be "looking out for no.1" if the chance arises.  STill geography apparently is a huge issue - hard to dismiss the massive distances between the dakotas and most bsc schools.  Maybe you can start a conf. with all the d1 independent schools and call it the "Transcontinental Conference". At least you will build up a lot of neat frequent flier miles. The people at United Airlines are all so nice, too.

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    Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news


    Go lie down by your dish.


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      Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

      Originally posted by bigjake
      Fellas,  If you want to read something interesting read the article on bisonville under the above path from the billings, montana newspaper.  Speculation about ndsu and possibly unc going to the big sky - not a word about sdsu.  

      I guess being able to read is not a requirement for admission to UNO.  : That would help explain why SDSU is a rated as a Doctoral/Research Universities—Intensive and UNO is only a Master's Colleges and Universities I according to Carnegie Foundation.

      Here is a little excerpt from the story you referenced.

      Casting about for another natural rival
      Of The Gazette Staff

      A year ago NDSU and South Dakota State were told, "Thanks, but no thanks," by the Big Sky. Now Idaho's not coming back, and suddenly everybody's chummy again. . . .


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        Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

        89 Rabbitt

                  You forgot to add the next sentence which calls your current football conference fledgling. This is what we have been telling you. As far as the Big Sky is concerned it appears as though you are way down the food chain. If it came down between you and NDSU there is now doubt in my mind that NDSU would get the nod because of the direction of their program and their much better football facilities. In the article SDSU is mentioned once before the words no thank you while NDSU is mentioned numerous times. That should tell you something. I will stick with my prediction that you will not have a win over a D1AA school this year. But hey look at the bright side, you always have that equestrian team to fall back on. Giddy-up!!


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          Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news


          Yes the GWFC is brand new. So what is your point? Every team that the Big Sky is looking at is from the GWFC (SUU, UNC, NDSU, SDSU). In your zeal to hate us you two UNO fans have grabbed onto the last line of a sports writers story, ignoring what several Big Sky Presidents have said (you know the guys who vote on who gets in), and concocted a sanrio where SDSU is doomed. :

          I know it is tough being the 5th best school in your state, second best in your city but you need to let the anger go.  I wish you and the Mavericks well in the NCC and D-II.  I can see that you are still not capable of wishing us well,  that is too bad.  Have a nice day.

          Go State!  ;D


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            Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

            This needs to be moved to the thread we have set up:


            That way those of us that don't want to be bothered, won't have to listen to the crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth from those left behind! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

            If they don't like that thread, how about:


            Just trying to help! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D



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              Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

              89 Rabbit,  I have to hand it to you.  You can take a very negative article about sdsu's chances and use one sentence totally out of context and make it positive. That is truly what a "fanatic" is all about.  On one hand I admire that but on the other hand I think you are blind to reality.  Anyone who can read that and believe it is positive is either blind to reality or as "dumb as an ox" Based on your many writings I know it is the former and not the latter.  The irony of everything is that having a "partner" is probably more of a negative than a positive.  Go UNC and Univ of Denver.
              Your Friend, Big Jake
              PS - Actually I would go to some BSC games in Brookings if you ever get in bc that is a neat conference.  DOn't feel the same about Mid Cont or indep games.  You know my reasons for you not getting in.  The thing that gets to us non sdsu fans is just how positive you are that things will work out despite all the obstacles.  I remember those feeling in the 80's in kc when umkc was on the move. Yeah, I know they are not alike other than the main thing of moving divisions.  
              Feel free to move me to any thread you want but you can never hide from the truth  my friend.


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                Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

                Big Jake,

                I never claimed this was a positve article. I wouldn't even claim the guy knows anything about what is going on. His assertions fly in the face of everything the Presidents of the Big Sky schools have been quoted as saying. You know the same Presidents that vote on who gets into the Big Sky. His assertions fly in the face of what commissioner Doug Fullerton has said. He thinks the UD rumor (started by a UND fan on a Sun Belt fan board) has merit. You are the ones grasping at straws. Holding up a statement made by a writer from Billings (you do know that Billings doesn't have a Big Sky School in it right?) that thinks the University of San Diego is in the Great West Football Conference as a reason for SDSU fans to fret. Please. : His story has even less credibility now that the Presidents have meet.

                The only reason I pulled out that line was that you typed "not a word about sdsu" and I do enjoy proving you wrong. I am weak, I really shouldn't pick on those less fortunate then myself but you bring it out in me. For this I am sorry.

                Finally as far as "you non-SDSU fans" and your feelings of pessimism, well I am not sure I can help you with that. Your feelings are your own. However, as you know the good Doctor has tried to help.

                jackmd wrote:

                "After reading all the posts from concerned USD, UND, UNO, and even timid SDSU fans (hereon referred to as "you&quot, I thought it was time to give all of you your own subject under which to post. DI envy seems most appropriate, after all it is jealousy that underlies the feelings expressed by those oppossed to SDSU's move.

                Sure, there are feeling of inadequacy and inferiority also, but you can't blame us (SDSU supporters) for that. As a former first lady once said:

                "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."
                Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962, American First

                So, post away. Some of us welcome your concern and hope that you keep SDSU in the forefront. I am certain it also helps you deal with the feelings of inadequacy, inferiority and envy that have resulted from the bad choices you have made thus far in your life. No worries, I anticipate you'll continue to make the same poor decisions in the future.

                So, wish us luck if you have the respect and self-esteem to do so. If you don't, do what you have to do to protect your fragile ego. We're going to be here regardless."

                So again I say best of luck to the Mavericks in their quest to win NCC and D-II Championships. Let go of the anger and try and be more positive. You will feel better.

                Go State! ;D


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                  Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

                  Trust me - I am not angry. While I am a big UNO fan I am also a Husker fan and we have a budget of 57 million dollars for athletics and a CU fan. I know you aspire to that conference, too. Just because I disagree with your move and feel it is foolish I am not the least bit angry or jealous. I can get tons of D1 sports around here anytime I want. I just feel that you will be bottom feeders and that you are "watering down" d1 sports.
                  I have in-laws in Sioux Falls and I will go to some of your games if you get into the bsc. No hard feelings at all. We shall see.
                  Much love from the great city of Omaha!! big jake
                  By the way the one person on this board who I still haven't read one interesting thing from in the time I have been here has been Jack Be Stupid Jack Be Duped guy. NOt one interesting observation - EVER. Come on JBSJBD - Bring it on!!!


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                    Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

                    Well then . . . Good luck to Nebraska, Creighton too.  

                    As far as the watering down D-I .  .  . Let me see if I can enlighten you.  To paraphrase, you ask how is SDSU moving to D-I any different then say Beacom College, Green Mountain College, Holy Family University, North Greenville College, etc. moving into D-II.  The answer is simple it is in the numbers.


                    According to the NCAA the avg. D-II school has an enrollment of 3,400 students.  Of the 279 schools that are D-II, 87.6 % have enrollments of 7,499 or less.  Only 12.4% of D-II schools have enrollments greater then 7,500 and look like (most) the schools in the old NCC.  

                    Beacom College enrollment 1,700
                    Green Mountain College enrollment 700
                    Holy Family University enrollment 2,530
                    North Greenville College enrollment 1,615

                    Compare that to SDSU and our move to D-I.  Again according to the NCAA of the 326 schools that compete at the D-I level, the Avg. D-I school has an enrollment of 10,277.  SDSU’s enrollment in the fall of 2003 was 10,561.  As you can see we are above the avg. by some 284 students and we continue to grow.  So you can see we are right where we belong.  bigjake, I hope this proves helpful.  Please let me know if you would like additional clarification.

                    Go State!  ;D

                    P.S. I guess you are giving up on your Billings Reporter.    Also remember you are always welcome at any SDSU game . . . your money is good with us.  


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                      Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

                      I really do hope you get into the bsc bc I will attend some games every once in awhile. I know the mid cont conf a lot better and I know I won't be interested in seeing most of those teams with the exception of umkc and valpo. If you do get in I will admit I was wrong but it is too early to tell. But I agree that the bsc is a neat conference. Just no way to hide the fact that you are 1000 miles away from your CLOSEST bsc school and you have an expensive regional airport to fly into and you have an hour drive on top of that! If you can overcome those issues -more power to you. But you are still in the game - albeit barely - IMHO.


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                        Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

                        Article on your move to Big Sky at This article sounds a little more positive for you. My take is that if they take one your out but if they take three I think you have a shot. For your sake I hope they take three.



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                          Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

                          You two just can bring yourselves to be happy for us can you? Oh well that is ok. I do agree with you that if the Big Sky only takes one we will be looking at the Mid-Con. However if the BSC takes two or three we are in. Are you going to come up to Brookings to see some Big Sky games with bigjake?


                          Go State! ;D


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                            Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

                            I saw the article about the bsc possibly taking 3 teams. Why would they want to create the scheduling problems an uneven no. creates. They are just posturing saying 3. It will be 2 or zero.
                            Hey, I am going to both your games in your xmas tourney with uno which puts me 2 games up this year on probably half the people on this board. I would go to more if you get in the bsc.
                            I just can't get over 1000 miles. I think most reasonable people would see that as a huge negative but if you can overcome that then you have quite a salesman up there representing you. Taking the major sports that far is one thing but having to take golf, tennis, equestrian, rodeo, baseball, track, and all the other sports nobody cares about that far is asking a lot of a league. Nothing against the dakotas but if I were a president geography and expense would right at the top and I just can't get over that distance. Makes as much sense as Nebraska joining the Big East to get exposure in the NE corridor.


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                              Re: d1aa fb - more big sky expansion news

                              It is remarkable how easily envy can lead to despisement. SDSU should not be solely blamed for the ever more present feelings of inadequacy and unimportance manifest by remaining NCC schools and their supporters. Understand that most of us wish the NCC schools and DII schools in the region the best of luck in the coming years. What do we have to gain by the struggles of those we have left behind? Absolutely nothing.

                              To that end, I cannot find the logic behind the disdain expressed by some supporters of current NCC schools with regards to the ascension of SDSU/NDSU to the DI level.

                              However, allow me to pontificate (I love being pompous in these situations). I suspect the problem (and the solution) lies deep within the psyche of individuals like "bigjake". Recognizing the insignificance of their own existance has created petty, self-loathing individuals who project their frustrations and insecurities in the form of detrimental rhetoric and behavior towards those in advance of themselves. Even more evident, they express a desire to see those more succesful than them fail. After all, they have not found success, why should anyone else even desire of it?

                              Make no mistake, bigjake and those like him, want nothing more than to see us fall flat on our faces. In fact, they so badly desires this that they will create scenarios in which any event or accomplishment can be relfected in a negative manner (sounds similar to the way a fanatic might find the positive light). What kind of person would you rather be defined as or associate with?

                              In conclusion, no degree of logical or rational discourse with individuals like "bigjake" will resolve this flaw in their personality. The problem developed long ago. The process of healing must start from within. My recommendation, spend your valuable time at more productive tasks and when "bigjake" (and those like him) get better we will welcome them back from their obscurity. Its not possible to illuminate those who prefer to be blind.

                              Each and every day is another great day to be a proud alumnus and supporter of our state's falgship university, South Dakota State. Home of Division I Jackrabbit athletics. GO JACKS!!!
                              We are here to add what we can to life, not get what we can from life. -Sir William Osler

                              We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.