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  • Mckenna did it again;u_sid=1186903

    Rabbitt fans,

    When UNO comes up to Brookings to play in your tournament they will be loaded. When now have two D1 transfers who started for the respective schools. Hell one played in the Big East. He will be the best player in the NCC. Be lucky your not playing us in your own tournament. We might just hang a loss on you at Frost Arena like we did last year. Might not be the first time a UNO team defeats a SDSU team this year. Our second ranked womens soccer team plays SDSU up in Brookings later this year. Things are looking up at UNO!

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    Re: Mckenna did it again

    Its interesting that the guy from Providence has sat out two seasons. Why?  Sure would like an answer for that one.  I dont think he was working full time to pay off his college loans, which would be zero if he was on a full ride at providence.  

    Quantel Murphy average 19 minutes a game at Drake under first year coach Tom Davis. Apparently this guy was looking back at who was coming in and decided he would never be a starter. That too says something about his skills. No doubt a good player, but nothing for SDSU to worry about. Thank god that little pimple Ty Graham is gone.

    Alvin Mitchell was a good player, but he had been hop scoting a lot too and was not the player he was at Cinnicinati.

    Hype the D1 transfers, but neither of these guys are equal Statem at MSU-M.


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      Re: Mckenna did it again

      Best of luck to UNO and their endeavors in D-II.  See you at Frost Arena and Fishback Soccer Park.  The Mavs come to Brookings two days after we get back from the Twin Cities and our game against the Gophers.  Could be a good match up.  

      Go State!  ;D


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        Re: Mckenna did it again

        Agree with sdsu fan that our 2 transfers probably won't be as good as that staton guy. He just killed us last year. That morganthaler guy has done a great job at msu or whatever they are calling themselves these days. But maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and mills will be even better. The fan in me likes the fact that we are bringing in  a really good player but I wish the ncaa would just get rid of one year transfers.  REally don't think it is good for either the player, the league, or the institution. Promotes too much instability. I understand the dude got hurt and his five year clock ran out - d2 doesn't have the 5 year clock so he is still eligible at d2 level.  He did graduate from Providence so he probably just wants to extend his "childhood" one more year and play some ball.  If I had the ability I would love to do the same - unfortunately I don't have any ability. I am glad he is coming (bc it is fun to win) but if I was ncc commissioner I would work to prohibit guys transferring in with just one year of eligibility left.
        I suspect that the mavs will beat sdsu in soccer but I thought that last year and we only tied you so we shall see.
        PS - Oh yeah lay off our man - Ty Graham. You wanted him and didn't get him. You win some and you lose some. My source is Ty Graham on that one.