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    Not like I am asking them back, but has anyone noticed how both maverick and big jake have all but disappeared from the board over the last few weeks. Convenient that it is the same time that we have started to get great joy in the move to D1.
    They sure were willing to dish out the smack earlier but as it looks as if the move has started on the right foot, and we have won more football games already that both of them predicted, they are no where to be found :
    "I'd like to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee." - Joe D.

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    Re: Where are you?


    I now think it will be a tight game decided by a touchdown or less either way.  
           You must have forgotten that I predicted that the NDSU/SDSU game would be close. I have also given your football teams props and admitted that I am surprised how well they have done. It is amazing to me that when Big Jake and myself stay off the smack board how quiet the board becomes. You have just beaten your big rival and won the border trophy and this board is quiet?? As much as people have complained about the two of us, the fact remains that this smack board is much more boring without us. You have invited other schools in to run smack and the only ones that have taken you up on it is Georgia Southern. I am not going to write smack if I can't bring something that I believe adds to the quality of the smack board. So that is why you might not hear from myself on a regular basis.

                                      Mavericks #1


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      Re: Where are you?

      Most people on this site don't like disagreement so I limit my time on this site. is more interesting bc one isn't shouted down when you have a different opinion.
      I was on this site a couple of weeks ago with my mid term fall season sdsu grade card.  Look it up.  It was quite fair.  89 Rabbit - I didn't grade cross country - I even ran cc in high school and  I don't care about it.  I am amazed you even post things about cross country.  The only good thing about cc is that it promotes life long fitness - not worth writing about it though.  That is my last comment ever on cc.
      My experience in the sinkhole of d1 has been with umkc and they don't play fb.  It is odd to me that a team that never was more than a mid tier d2 team is now doing great in d1aa.  Maybe there isn't that much of a difference.  I guess that is why pat behrns of uno fb is the only coach in the program who wants to go d1.  Still nice wins but just seems odd to me after all the d2 mediocrity in fb.
      89 Rabbit - I also don't give a hoot about golf. I enjoy hacking on the public golf course sometimes but college golf is another totally worthless sport.


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        Re: Where are you?

        I Think it is so funny that Mav & Big Jake have to really "try" to think of something to say now that we are doing well on our D1 trek. It shows there true mentality.......I surely don't miss all of there BS

        Go Jacks !!!!!!!


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          Re: Where are you?

          Waiting for a post...........

          Granted Mankato State is a FB powerhouse.

          Losers loving losers, gotta love it.
          We are here to add what we can to life, not get what we can from life. -Sir William Osler

          We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.


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            Re: Where are you?

            2nd most disappointing defeat in the 15 years I have been going to uno fb. I am thankful I chose to go to the scsu game this year instead of mankato. Granted we lost but they have a great new coach in jeff jamrog and coordinators carl pelini and dan mclaughlin. All have strong neb. connections They will be a power in the near future.
            Don't gloat too much - this is our 4th ncc title in the last decade. Four more than you have had since JFK era.
            Also, congrats. about your big win over Augie. I am sure everyone there is just thrilled about that.
            Finally, my UMKC "Roos" are picked to finish 3rd in the MId Cont. by The Sporting News. When you are looking at the schedule trying to prognosticate you can pencil in a big fat "L" on Mon, Jan16 against UMKC. I plan to be there.
            Now go back to whatever people do in Rochester,Mn and have a good day. I have been to Rochester and in the 90's it was voted the most liveable city in America by Money Mag (I think). Decent enough place but really the only time I would love to be in Rochester is if I was having a heart attack or need surgery.


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              Re: Where are you?

              It is being reported that Augie's coach said in his postgame show on the Augie station that SDSU was not the best team that they have played this year. That honor would go to UNO!!! While yesterday's loss to MSU was horrible and unlike you I am not going to try and spin it and talk about what a great experience it was and how we are looking at the big picture, the fact remains that we won the Conference title outright in both football and soccer yesterday while you celebrated Hobo Day?? While we are stacking up conference championships and filling up our trophy case, you keep celebrating Hobo Day and getting giddy over the D1 experience and the fact you are South Dakota's only land grant university. By the way before I close, did I mention that we whacked your great D1 university in both soccer and swimming last month.

              Maverick #1


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                Re: Where are you?

                Apples and oranges. Little UNO. The only thing big about UNO is your mouth.


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                  Re: Where are you?

                  UNO had a great season. Congrats! The athletic programs at UNO have really gotten good over the last ten years or so and now rank in the upper echelon of DII. I, for one, will root for the Mavs every time they play USD or Augie. (Incidently, Heinitz was being a baby about a late SDSU touchdown, thus the snarky comment about SDSU not being the best team they have played. For the record, Augie has, year in and year out during Heinitz's endless and losing tenure, been one of the worst teams SDSU has played.)

                  I hope the UNO partisans here keep in mind that SDSU is working with 38 scholarships this year and has really overachieved against opponents who have 25 more than that. Nobody, as far as I have seen, is claiming we're anything more than an average D1AA team, but we're competing pretty well considering how few scholarships we have. I think SDSU fans deserve to be enthusiastic, given a couple of really surprising wins and a couple other close games. In coming years though, with 63 scholarships to work with, these silly discussions about whether UNO is better than SDSU will officially be moot, unless the Mavs move up.


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                    Re: Where are you?

                    OK Jackrabbitt

                    Nice to hear from a rabbitt fan that has some prespective. I agree that you will do better when you get up to 63 schollies and that you have done well with less this year against schools that have more scholarships. In years to come I would admit that SDSU would probably beat UNO in football due to SDSU increase in scholarship players. My only point is that will this help you win conference championships and runs at National titles in football. 40 years of history have not been on your side. OK Rabbitt, I appreciate your cautious optimism of your football program.

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                      Re: Where are you?

                      If I were a jack fan 2 things would really concern me about d1aa fb
                      1. sdsu is ramping up to 63 fb scholarships very slowly which can't help morale, recruiting, and future winning
                      2. coughlin stadium is not going to get an infusion of money for 20-25 years which is nothing short of astounding.
                      I have always considered d1 men's basketball your "money" sport and d1aa fb next in line. To ignore the fb stadium for a generation speaks volumes about the financial challenges involved in going d1
                      The irony is that after all the hoopla and big upset down in LA. the jacks will most likely finish 5-6 which while respectable is no cause for celebration. But I thought sdsu would be 3-8 at beginning of the season so mediocrity may not be such a bad thing.


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                        Re: Where are you?

                        SDSU has never recurited on the basis of facilities and never will. We want kids that play for the love of the game, not babies that want to be pampered. Good luck staying competitive in a league that is going to cut their scholarships and dilute the talent even further by allowing more NAIA schools to join their ranks.


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                          Re: Where are you?

                          Two things for Bigjake:

                          1. SDSU has said that it will get to 63 scholarships more quickly if the Big Sky comes calling.

                          2. We have discussed the campus master plan here before. It says 25 years before major changes at Coughlin. First of all, master plans are just that, plans. They aren't any sort of binding contract and they change more often than not. So get over that 25 year figure. Second, the master plan says nothing about ongoing improvements, just about major construction. The ongoing improvements (new seating, etc.) at Frost Arena, for example, are not "master plan" material. Master plans deal with large capital expenditures and major reconfiguration of campus. The same sort of incremental improvements that were done at Frost will be made at Coughlin. It's not going to sit there untouched for 25 years.

                          You say you'd worry if you were an SDSU fan. You're not. So why do you care so much? Personally, I wish UNO well and, from afar, I can see that good things are happening there. But I don't spend a lot of time thinking about what your football record will be next year or about whether you need new turf at Caniglia field. I guess I just don't understand your obsession with SDSU athletics. We had a nice rivalry developing, and your teams got the better of it for the last few years. But that's over now.


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                            Re: Where are you?

                            Originally posted by Mavericks#1
                            While yesterday's loss to MSU was horrible and unlike you I am not going to try and spin it and talk about what a great experience it was and how we are looking at the big picture, the fact remains that we won the Conference title outright in both football and soccer yesterday while you celebrated Hobo Day??  While we are stacking up conference championships and filling up our trophy case, you keep celebrating Hobo Day  .  .  .  

                                                              Maverick #1
                            Congrats on the NCC title, bummer about the playoffs.  I guess while your guys are turning in their equipment our guys will be getting ready for Southern Utah and then UNC.   ;D



                            UND, St. Cloud in football regional

                            The University of North Dakota will travel to St. Cloud State for the first round of the NCAA Division II footbal playoffs Saturday.  .  .

                            UND is the No. 5 seed in the Northwest Region. The winner of Saturday's game will play No. 1 seed Michigan Tech in the second round.  .  .  .

                            Grand Valley State is the No. 6 seed in this year's regional bracket of the 24-team playoff field. Grand Valley will play at No. 3 seed Winona State on Saturday, and the winner of that game will visit No. 2 Northwood on Nov. 20.

                            Meanwhile, NCC champion Nebraska-Omaha was snubbed in its bid for a playoff spot. The Mavericks (8-3, 5-1) lost 20-13 to Minnesota State, Mankato in their final regular-season game.

                            School officials said Nebraska-Omaha is the first NCC champion not awarded a playoff berth since USD in 1978.

                            Thats gotta hurt.  :'(   Look Winona State made the playoff.  I seem to recall that SDSU clubbed them 45-20 earlier this year.  Isn't D-II fun?  Have a great day Mavs!   ;D

                            Go State!  ;D

                            P.S. Just in case you were wondering, celebrating Hobo Day was a blast!


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                              Re: Where are you?

                              When the NCC continues to add poor teams to its conference ranks, there will only be more of those types of results for the NCC champs. I guarantee you that if NDSU and SDSU were still in the NCC and UNO had won the conference title a playoff snub would not have been possible. I guess now you really have a reason to be mad at SDSU.

                              Hey, UNO and USD can start a club or something. Get together and tell each other how stupid it is for SDSU to go D1 and how much you each got screwed by the playoff rankings. Be sure to bring some cheese for that whine.
                              "You just stood their screaming. Fearing no one was listening to you. Hearing only what you wanna hear. Knowing only what you heard." Metallica