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Move to eliminate UsdII coyotes?

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  • Move to eliminate UsdII coyotes?

    [glb]I think this is a story about the UsdII Coyotes? I have tried to translate it so it reads better, but I'm not sure I got it all correct?[/glb]

    Exterminating prairie dog will damage eco-system

    By Jerry Stanford

    American News Writer

    .....Don't get me wrong, I'm not a close fan of the prairie dog,[glb](UsdII coyote?)[/glb] but I do appreciate the habitat that the mound-builder[glb](Monument to stupidity?)[/glb] provides for other endangered birds and animals[glb](rest of the NCC?)[/glb].......

    In his book, "Wild Moments" (Storey Publishing, 2004), author Ted Williams best describes what happens when a keystone species[glb](another name for supposedly South Dakota's Team?)[/glb] such as the prairie dog is removed from its niche (area within a habitat)[glb](grain bin?)[/glb].

    The author writes: "Remove the black-tailed[glb](ran out of toilet paper?)[/glb] prairie dog from its niche in our Western Plains[glb](Vermillion?)[/glb] - as Americans have discovered over the past century - the whole biota (total ecological entity)[glb](NCC?)[/glb], collapses like the sides of a stone arch."

    Williams went on to say: "Because prairie dogs eat forbs (any herbaceous plant other than grass)[glb](they won't eat what they can smoke?)[/glb] and grasses they have been widely poisoned[glb](beaten?)[/glb] and shot in the mistaken belief that they compete[glb](they can compete?)[/glb] with livestock[glb](Mavericks?).[/glb] Studies however have shown that by aerating [glb](Talking cheap?)[/glb]and turning the soil[glb](Advertsing?)[/glb] they produce high-quality forage."[glb](no explaination necessary?)[/glb]

    The prairie dog controversy won't end[glb](Ever?)[/glb] with this column, but hopefully it will help you understand how things of earth are interrelated.

    If you have the chance, visit an ebullient eco-system such as a dog colony.[glb](Vermillion trailer court?)[/glb] My bet is that you will see and feel the energy that seems to emanate from the mound decorated[glb](New scoreboards?)[/glb] pristine terra firma[glb]Inflatable gymnasium?)[/glb]. Should you happen to spot what appears to be a tiny owl[glb](Mueller?)[/glb] sitting on a pile clay eating a destructive grasshopper, you're experiencing a piece of the biota.[glb](I'm not going to touch that one?)[/glb]

    And what the heck that's a start.

    Good birding.

    Former Aberdeen resident Jerry Stanford of Sioux Falls writes a monthly column:

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