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The Last Days of Knight

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  • The Last Days of Knight

    I am bored so in my Emails was an ESPN+ email about watching Christian . I clicked it on and there were other choices. One of the choices was about Bobby Knight. Bobby is about my age of 78 years. I always admired him, but after watching this documentary of Robert Abbott a CNN sports writer I am not so sure. One thing we have in common is a destructive temper. My average career is a testimony to letting anger get the best of me. It is amazing how important basketball is to the state of Indiana and Indiana University. In 35 years as head coach, many good players left because of Coach Knight. Here is the link.. It may require a subscription to ESPN+ to allow it to play.
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    Bobby Knight is a real example of good and evil. SDSU has never had any coach that closely resembles Knight.. In terms of basketball, every SDSU coach that has been in my era as a fan was very much a class act. Bob Knight could be that if he wanted to be, but often he choose anger to represent himself. A man who understood the game. Possibly one of the greatest basketball minds, but anger often got in the way.


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      One more interesting detail from the documentary. Abbott mentions the movie Hoosiers and the strong coach Dale played by Gene Hackman. Abbott contends that the fictional coach in the movie was patterned after Bobby Knight.