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    Re: Refs

    Originally posted by Nidaros View Post
    Ancient story time: Grizzled Jack may recall of what I am speaking. Before the NCC had a full time Commissioner and staff, the NCC members not only had to pay the refs but also got to select them. Back in the Barn for packed SDSU games, SDSU seemed to consistently select a balding middle aged guy named Eddie Livingston and the math professor from USD, Howard Connors. Howard apparently enjoyed is drive to Brookings and had no trouble recalling who paid his fee on the way out of the door. Back in those days the refs were always introduced after the starting fives. Eddie who was somewhat dramatic when making calls often drew a round of boos from the fans, and he would in turn bow to the crowd he loved to stir up. It was really funny. Did they favor the home team? Yes pretty much. I do recall the UNI coach who proceeded Norn Stewart, doing a dance in front of his bench when the calls did not go his way. The name I don't recall, but he looked kind retirement age, and the calls in Brookings probably pushed him along. I recall reading Vern Schoolmeester's master thesis in which he interviewed Coach Iverson who also mentioned the home team hiring refs and he also complained in the Brookings Register about a game in St. Cloud that they narrowly lost and they did not get the calls they needed to win.
    If you look at the game results of USD-SDSU in the 1950's and 1960's, USD pretty much won in Vermillion and lost in Brookings. I think there were two exceptions 1958 and 1963, where both teams were national champions. Both teams were very good and won on the road, despite the homecooking refereeing.

    Howard Connors was a great guy. And for the record Nidaros the UNI coach ( then called Iowa State Teachers College ) you are referring to dancing was “Dancin Jim Witham”