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  • Shrinking Links length

    This morning, my son sent me an email with a link to a very emotional story about one of the Oklahoma State basketball players killed in the airplane accident in the early 2000's and his relationship with his father.

    It truly is a very heart touching story.

    My question is this:

    How do I make a copy of the link without typing all the letters, and save it, and transfer it to this board? I would like all sports fans to see this. Please help me out as I am not the most computer literate person. Thanks

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    Re: Need assistance

    I use to shrink links. If you type in in your internet browser ( a little confusing for some because it's .ly instead of .com)

    From there it's pretty self-explanatory. You cntrl + c your long URL and cntrl + v the URL into the main field and click shorten.

    Here's the story I believe your referring to.


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      Shrinking Links Guidance

      Copied this advice to et Cetera - as guidance.

      Story info is still at College Athletics.


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        Re: Shrinking Links length

        Don't go to the trouble of trying to type in a long'll surely make an error and then the link won't work. The method described above works. Here are a couple other ideas:

        1. The software this message board uses has a fairly convenient way for including a link in a message. When you start typing a new post, you will see centered in the line just above the the typing area, a small blue globe with a chain link (looks like a paperclip to some and like the infinity sign to others). Highlight a work like "link" or "here" (put the cursor ahead of the word you want to highlight, hold down the 'shift' key and using the cursor direction arrow, go over the word you want to highlight...see example below) and then click on the blue globe and a hyperlink box pops insert the url of the site you want link. Most of the time you have to delete the duplication of http:// at the start (when you copy an address from the address line at the very top, it will pick up http:// but you will notice the hyperlink box has already included http:// in the place where you insert the address.

        Here is an example of a LINK

        2. If you're uncertain about your computer skills and are not comfortable using the suggestion immediately above or the one provided by 'mitchell', rather than retype the url, just copy and paste the url into the post as follows providing the url (like a web address) of a newspaper article in today's Argus: Go to the article on the paper's website. When you have the article on your screen, just put your cursor somewhere within the address which appears near the very top of your screen and starts with "http://" Right click. That will highlight the entire address. At the same time the address is highlighted, a box pops will see "copy". Left click on that. Now, go to your post, put the cursor where you want to insert the url, right click to pull down the box again, and left click on "paste". Using this method, I pasted the following address below (didn't have to type it and risk a typing error). When the post appears in the message board, the software will automatically shorten the line but its all there. Test it by clicking on it to make sure it goes to the intended target.|text|Home

        That's my shot trying to provide a non-technical explanation.


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          Re: Shrinking Links length

          I'm going to TEST what JackJD just explained.

          Nice, good to know!
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