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    By popular request, here's how to donate to your humble board owner to defray the cost of running SDSUFans.

    But, before you give money to me, you have to promise that you've sent at least as much money to SDSU. Does that sound fair?

    All rightie, then. Here's the link to the SDSU Foundation's donation page. Go give them money, first.

    OK, you're back? You promise that you've sent money up to State? All right, then, here's a PayPal bucket that you can toss a quarter or two my way. (Yes, the household CFO gets the money, not me. You know how it is.)

    If you donate to me, make sure you put your user name in the comment section of the form, so I know who's being good to the site.

    I'd really rather you give to SDSU than to me, but if you are bound and determined to send me money, here's how . . .