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  • Guidelines

    Since there is occasionally some confusion as to proper behavior on this board, I decided to write up some guidelines for wise posters/members to follow in the future:

    1. The people who run this board are fans/alumni/backers of South Dakota State University, especially the athletic programs of SDSU. The majority of posters here are also fans/alumni/backers/students of SDSU. This seems to come as a shock to some people. I'm not sure why.

    2. Don't Piss Off The Bartender. See #1. Take this knowledge to heart. For those who have trouble following the analogy: Bartender = Moderator.

    3. This Board Is Not About You. See #1. See #2. A really good way to piss off the bartenders is to act like you own the bar. Because you don't.

    4. Do not smack in non-smack threads. I am continually amazed how many people don't seem to understand this simple concept.

    5. Respect is not given, it is earned. This applies to posters every bit as much as it applies to athletic programs. Posters from other schools are generally given as much respect here as they give to SDSU and Jackrabbit fan-posters here.

    6. Angry smack is not smack. It is anger. Anger is not pretty. The bartenders do not like angry posts. See #2.

    7. The bartenders do not like egregious name-calling. Some of it may be allowed if it appears to be good-natured ribbing. The bartenders do not like it when name-calling gets out of hand. See #2.

    8. We note that threads about USD tend to degenerate into either anger or silliness. The bartenders prefer silliness.

    9. Using these guidelines to hit other people over the head is Not Cool. The bartenders like Cool. Strive to be Cool.

    10. Using these guidelines to hit the bartenders over the head will get you banned really, really fast. See #3.

    11. Complaining about "free speech" on this board will also get you banned really, really fast. If you want free speech, go start your own web site. We might even link to it.

    12. The bartenders don't particularly care for posters dragging discussions from other boards or web sites onto this one, only partly because it isn't fair to the discussion participants on the other site. See #2.

    13. Continually posting nonsensical, argumentative, or off-topic posts can make the bartenders unhappy--especially if we get complaints from the regular customers. On the other hand, some threads are born to go wildly off-topic. These threads are tolerated to the extent that they amuse the bartenders and the regular customers. See #8.

    14. The bartenders don't watch every table (thread; post) every second of the day. Some of the bartenders actually have lives.

    15. "You are a fluke of the Universe. You have no right to be here. And whether you can hear it or not, the Universe is laughing behind your back."

    16. The bartenders like women's athletics. If you don't, keep it to yourself. See #2.

    17. When in doubt, See #2.

    There may be more guidelines forthcoming, as needed. Hope this helps.
    "I think we'll be OK"

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    Re: Guidelines

    I stumbled across something today in my daily rounds of the Internet:

    in my online life Iíve seen perfectly good blogs either made unbearable or even subverted by boneheads who came in and squatted over the comments section like poisonous spiders, making life living hell for the regulars
    Don't be a bonehead.

    (quote from Sarah Hoyt's blog. (She's a writer. A science fiction writer.)

    Follow the link for instructive thoughts regarding civility online. Of course, those who most need the instruction won't follow the link, but hey, I tried.
    "I think we'll be OK"


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      Re: Guidelines

      The "attribution rule" for posterity:

      If you feel the urge to spread rumors about players (in any sport) leaving SDSU, CITING YOUR SOURCE IS NOW REQUIRED.

      Acceptable sources are: Printed or broadcast news media (or web sites of printed or broadcast news media), coaches, and players on the team, or other person, BY NAME. No other sources will be acceptable on this board. Some unnamed person you talked to in the Union, in HPER, or anywhere else is not an acceptable source. Other Internet boards and blogs are not acceptable sources.

      Failure to cite your source will result in the post and/or the thread being pulled and, quite possibly, depending on how the Moderator's day is going, the rumor-monger getting banned permanently from this board.

      Note also that spreading the rumor in the form of a question (i.e. "Did anybody hear the rumor that Joe Player is leaving the team?"; or "What happens if Joe Player leaves the team?" falls under this rule. Any other methods of rumor-mongering which in the opinion of the Moderators is not properly sourced falls under this rule.

      This board is intended to SUPPORT SDSU athletics. Unsourced rumors about SDSU student-athletes are destructive to the morale of the team and the entire SDSU community, and as such do not support SDSU athletics.
      "I think we'll be OK"