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Not Safe For Work Image policy

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  • Not Safe For Work Image policy

    This hasn't been a big problem. Let's keep it that way . . .

    Mods, please keep an eye out for NSFW (that's Not Safe For Work for the acronym-challenged) pictures . . .

    Posters, please figure out a way to link NSFW pictures rather than just posting them here.

    And note, NSFW means NSFW for your most prudish relative or neighbor or acquaintance, not NSFW for you, personally. Try to put yourself in the shoes of others (yeah, for once!)

    That way, you'll help keep from being blocked by some of the more enthusiastic corporate IT departments.


    And remember, just because you're posting at 1:30 am in your basement doesn't mean that the person reading it will be doing it at 1:30 am in their basement. They could be doing it at 10:30 in the morning just as the Boss From Hell happens to be walking by their cube.

    Let's not get someone fired, yah?
    "I think we'll be OK"

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    Re: Not Safe For Work Image policy

    Hey a thing they do on is they have a deal that says spoiler and then you click on it and it reveals what it is, so maybe this could be an idea to resolve this for the NSFW stuff?
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