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  • Posting copyrighted material

    A Public Service Announcement:

    The standing policy of is to allow (under Fair Use of U.S. Copyright law) only excerpts of copyrighted articles which are accompanied with links to the source web pages.

    And when people post those linked excerpts, board readers will be doing everyone a favor by clicking on those source links and going to read the entire articles on their "home" sites (and clicking on an advertisement or two, should you be so inclined). This will keep people like Terry Vandrovec employed and fed for just a little while longer until the news industry figures out how to make money off of this new fangled Internet thingie.

    (Inspired by a notice on the Husker board where the Omaha World Herald asked them to pull down a full OWH article that was posted over there. We don't need to do that. As I note in paragraph #2, we don't want to do that.)

    Excerpt and link, excerpt and link, excerpt and link!
    "I think we'll be OK"

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    Re: Posting copyrighted material

    Good point filbert. I try to do the same with my facebook pages, linking SDSU news and stories periodically to keep the Jackrabbit awareness rolling.
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