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05-03-2005, 03:39 PM
Back by popular demand "even more UNO Humor":


From the 1929 The Omahan yearbook

Jokes, 1929

Boehler, to hotel clerk in Marysville: "That's an awful towel you have in the wash room."

Clerk: Why, my dear sir, over fifty people have used that towel, and you're the first one that's complained.

Freshman: I want some winter underwear.

Clerk: How long?

Freshman: You boo, I don't want to rent 'em, I want to buy 'em.

Frosh: Is she a hot number?

Soph: Is she? Say, fellow, when you're with that girl, a conscience won't do you any good; you need a Thermostat.

Wainwright: "Where are you going to eat?

McMahill: Let's eat up the street.

Wainwright: Naw—I don't like asphalt.

Quizzenberry (to doctor): My girl just swallowed a mirror.

Doc: My, what a gastronomic form of vanity.

Even though nature made our faces, we can pick our own teeth.

Prof. Weber: Do you understand this, Mr. Fay?

Fay: Yes, Ma'am.

Prof. Weber: Then of course the rest of the class does.

Marjorie: I want you to know that I live on a modern farm.

Melcher: Is it equipped with running water?

Marjorie: Yes, sir! Every time it rains.

Definition of a stomach ache: Trying to fit a square meal in a round hole.

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