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07-06-2005, 05:11 AM
I think this is a story about the UsdII Coyotes? I have tried to translate it so it reads better, but I'm not sure I got it all correct?


Exterminating prairie dog will damage eco-system

By Jerry Stanford

American News Writer

.....Don't get me wrong, I'm not a close fan of the prairie dog,(UsdII coyote?) but I do appreciate the habitat that the mound-builder(Monument to stupidity?) provides for other endangered birds and animals(rest of the NCC?).......

In his book, "Wild Moments" (Storey Publishing, 2004), author Ted Williams best describes what happens when a keystone species(another name for supposedly South Dakota's Team?) such as the prairie dog is removed from its niche (area within a habitat)(grain bin?).

The author writes: "Remove the black-tailed(ran out of toilet paper?) prairie dog from its niche in our Western Plains(Vermillion?) - as Americans have discovered over the past century - the whole biota (total ecological entity)(NCC?), collapses like the sides of a stone arch."

Williams went on to say: "Because prairie dogs eat forbs (any herbaceous plant other than grass)(they won't eat what they can smoke?) and grasses they have been widely poisoned(beaten?) and shot in the mistaken belief that they compete(they can compete?) with livestock(Mavericks?). Studies however have shown that by aerating (Talking cheap?)and turning the soil(Advertsing?) they produce high-quality forage."(no explaination necessary?)

The prairie dog controversy won't end(Ever?) with this column, but hopefully it will help you understand how things of earth are interrelated.

If you have the chance, visit an ebullient eco-system such as a dog colony.(Vermillion trailer court?) My bet is that you will see and feel the energy that seems to emanate from the mound decorated(New scoreboards?) pristine terra firmaInflatable gymnasium?). Should you happen to spot what appears to be a tiny owl(Mueller?) sitting on a pile clay eating a destructive grasshopper, you're experiencing a piece of the biota.(I'm not going to touch that one?)

And what the heck that's a start.

Good birding.

Former Aberdeen resident Jerry Stanford of Sioux Falls writes a monthly column: jstanford@sio.midco.net

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