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Tuesday, January 28 2020 @ 02:17 PM CST

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Updating the home page

As you can tell, I'm playing with the home page here.  I'm planning to turn it from a bloggish thing to more of a portal-type thing--meaning I won't feel quite as guilty that I let it go for months without posting anything.

Anyway, I'll probably be tinkering for a while, on and off.  If you have any suggestions, go over to the Forum and let me know.
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I'm so behind!

I suppose I should be more diligent in updating things around here, but to be quite honest, the GoJacks.com site is much better for Jackrabbit news--and much more authoritative, than anything you find here.  And, while I'm giving shouts out, Terry Vandrovec's coverage in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader is pretty darn good, too.

But, since I've got a minute, hi and hello to new AD Justin Sell!

How about that Jackrabbit women's basketball team, #3 in D-I GPA this year after 3 straight years leading all colleges?  Nice to see the rest of the world starting to catch up!

I'm still trying to decide what, if anything, to do with this more bloggy side of SDSUfans.com.  Most of the action is, of course, over on the discussion board.  If you have suggestions, drop on over there and get in touch with me.