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Tuesday, January 28 2020 @ 02:47 PM CST

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A placeholder article for now.  Cleaning up things a bit.
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The discussion board appears to be down . . .

I'm getting some nasty-looking error messages when trying to access the discussion board.

So, I've gone ahead and pulled the trigger on the software upgrade--both the purchase of the new version of the software, and letting the vBulletin folks do the software installation.  With luck, that will fix the problem, and I'll only be $325 poorer for the experience.  Not that I'm complaining.  Oh, wait, I AM complaining, since this has to happen right exactly when I don't have time to work on it, and won't for a couple of weeks.  The Law of the Perversity of Nature, in coordination with Murphy, I guess.  And, if the simple upgrade doesn't work, then there are other, more expensive options.  Stay tuned.