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Saturday, January 19 2019 @ 02:39 PM CST

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Oops, we got upgraded!

Our hosting provider upgraded our PHP (don't worry about it . . . ) and it knocked this little neighborhood of the web site offline.  I had been remiss in keeping up with new versions of software anyway, so I took the opportunity to upgrade over here, too.


It's a version of the software that's still in beta.


Anyway, except for some niggly little details (like it saying "Geeklog" up there in the northwest corner rather than SDSUFans) I think it's back.  Mostly.  

Update: OK, I found the SDSUFans logo and slapped it up in the upper left corner. No, its aspect ratio is incorrect. I'll deal with it later. Sometime. Maybe. Hey, what do you want? You think I do this for a living?

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Headlines and Announcements

June 14, 2011:  It would appear that the forum upgrade is underway, as of about 4:15 pm CDT (when I remembered to look . . .) -- the database error messages I've been getting have changed from being from version 3.8.7 to being from version 4.0.7.  Progress!
June 13, 2011:  The upgrade of the forum software will be around 3 pm CDT tomorrow, June 14, 2011.  Stay tuned. (Modified June 14, 2011 to change time from 6 pm to 3 pm.)
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