The Great West site had a nice little article (http://greatwestfootball.collegespor...043004aaa.html ) on those who signed free agent contracts. And, just because I think it's worth noting, SDSU put three into the League, more than NDSU and that powerhouse that is Georgia Southern.

I was just wondering if any of you had anything to dish about the progress of your school's players. I've talked to Scott Connot, and he had good news to report. Despite being in camp with a few other safties from bigger schools, Scott was awarded nearly all the reps during camp. Since the Chiefs are weak at safety, they might find him to be someone that can contribute on special teams, and perhaps be coached into a starting role.

Go Jacks!

P.S. I also noticed the SoCon board making a big deal out of churing out the top CFL prospect this year. Well, let's just say that there's been a Jackrabbit making tracks up there for a couple of years, and it may be hard to catch up to him (