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    Cam Simaz gives an interview

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    This was a fun listen. Interesting to hear a bit about their recruiting philosophy and being transparent with recruits to avoid wasting time on recruiting kids who don't want to come to the town or state of Brookings, SD or who may come (Cam's Manhattan Analogy) and it's too big of a culture shock for them and they bolt town. He also alluded to how long and tough of a season it was and how certain issues came up out of nowhere and were out of their control, he gave a smirk and slight life. Have to imagine he's referring to the Gross/Bone debacle. Also sounds like Cam's dad is wrestling royalty in the state of Michigan, could benefit the team from a recruiting standpoint.

    This staff isn't a loud and noisy on Social Media as Bono's, nothing wrong with either Social Media Style, but still nice to hear an interview from this staff.

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    Yes great find. Finally got around to viewing it. SDSU Wrestling is in good hands with our current staff. Now we as fans have to continue to support them.

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