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Some discussion on the NSIC (D2) thread that St. Thomas is appealing going directly to DI to the NCAA since they were forced out--and more discussion that this is impossible with rule changes. Even some talk of trying to go directly to the Big East since they fit as a Catholic school in a major metro area-- that speculation is, of course, nuts. Still think they're going to the NSIC or the WIAA, but hopefully Douple is monitoring this, and talking. For some reason the WAC seems much more proactive in pulling strings in order to stay alive.
I was surprised that the enrollment topped 10,000 this past year. I am not surprised that little Augsburg somewhere nearby and St. Olaf voted them out. St Thomas is definitely on a different path. A direct path to the The Big East seems overly ambitious, especially if they bypass Summit when campus is located on Summit Avenue.