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    Interesting story about WIU. A drop in enrollment of over 5000 students since 2006 at WIU, and growing. Bad state of affairs in Macomb.

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    While the location of Macomb and its small community make it more difficult to compete with communities with more to offer, the cost of education has to be a major reason for the exodus. Going from $18,893 per year to $25,835 now will definitely cause you to explore other options. Their state has some major issues going on and I don't see any quick fixes.

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    No wonder there are fewer attending games at WIU than Lindenwood, the enrollment's smaller. Does that 8500 student count include the Quad Cities campus?

    Is Mike Madigan p.o.'d at them? If he's against you you'll die, no matter who the governor is.

    There's been some speculation on the D2 board that WIU, EIU and SIU are headed for the GLVC. Can't see the Saluki's doing that even though the Carbondale enrollment is smaller than SIUE. Western and Eastern, maybe....

    The only relatively close school to me in the Summit is depressing, but there is an off campus place with good chicken fingers. That's something, I guess.

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