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If we focus on filling our roster with just kids from SD, we are going to live in the bottom half of the SL. We just need to find kids that will stick around and not venture for greener pastures. Not an exact science to do that but if you make it hard for them to leave because of the intangibles in your program, that is about all you can do.
Agree. We also have to remember that if we didnt lose our HC we wouldn't be having this conversation. In the current age that we are in when it comes to basketball, kids are committing to coaches and not schools. If we can get a coach that is happy and stays around for awhile, we might see some of the transfers slow down.

Of course, if I'm a college basketball player and one of the big boys come calling it may not matter who the coach is at the time. We just need to learn to take any of these talented kids for granted when we watch them at Frost/DJD.