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Thread: Best Rivalry in FCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackJD View Post
    Apparently I do too!

    The guy who wrote the article for SBNation had done some homework and knew a great deal about the NDSU v SDSU rivalry. Another win in Fargo would be really sweet and would further solidify the series as the best rivalry in FCS.
    Iím just impressed he put enough effort in to go as far as interview someone about it.

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    i re-read the article,and with your explanation,of him misquoting your first name (not John), I find this thread very funny, and you were a gentleman taking my dilusional paranoia as well as you did, I get kind of defensive if I think people are calling me names unfairly( working to get better at assuming I have all the facts,when I don't).sorry, I don't know peoples real names on this forum,and it's not my business unless they want to tell me.Very glad i know what 's so funny now

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