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Thread: 2019 Season Prediction and MVFC/Top 25 Standings

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    Default 2019 Season Prediction and MVFC/Top 25 Standings

    I thought it'd be fun to start a season prediction thread while we still have time before Thursday night's game. Additionally, I'll try to post each weeks top 25 and Valley standing's in this thread.

    My take on the Jacks in 2019:

    @UM - Loss. I would not be shocked with a win, but the more likely outcome is a two score loss. I'll be disappointed with a wider margin of defeat if it happens that way.

    Vs. LIU - Win, but this could be an interesting game. Given the fact that it's been pretty well advertised that we are going to be running a lot through the non-conference while Gibbs grows in his role, I think this will be somewhere in the 31-10 range. LIU was a good D2 team last year.

    Vs. DRAKE - Win, but maybe not quite as much of a blowout as years past. Again, 38-17 type game, with most of Drake's points coming in the fourth quarter.

    Vs. SUU - Win. The Thunderbird's seem to be pretty good this decade on odd numbered years, but I don't the ink this is one of them. Comfortable win.

    Vs. SIU - Win. I think SIU could have a much improved team this year, and if the game were in Carbondale, I'd be more worried. But I don't think they'll pose a huge threat at home, and I see this as a two score win.

    @YSU - Loss - I think we get tripped up here. YSU has played good D during the Pelini years, and this will be the first road game for the boys in over a month. Those factors, plus our propensity to stumble in October, and I think we take an L here.

    @ISUB - Win - Obviously the Sycamores look to be improved again, and risk game is at their place. But I think the team will have last year fresh on their mind and will be ready to take this one. Last years' overtime game had as much to do with the Jacks not being able to shut the door as it did ISUb's play on the field. That was a three score lead entering the fourth quarter that was blown.

    Vs NDSU - Win. I'm sure NDSU will be good this year. And while they have lots of talented players stepping in to fill the gaps, they lost an awful lot of the 18 team. And unlike 2014, Carson Wentz isn't waiting in the wings to lead them. On paper, both SDSU and NDSU are staring redshirt QBs with little game exoerience. SDSU returns most of their skill players, a portion of the o-line, and their entire front 7. The game is in Brookings. If Gibbs is progressing like we hope he does, the Jacks should be favored. I know they've recruited well, and thetreatment always well coached, but I'm not ready to believe that their underclassmen that are stepping into starting roles are better than the upper class men the Jacks return, given that both teams will have youth at the QB. Jacks win this one.

    @ MSU - Win, but we seem to play really weird down there, and it's the week after the marker. I wouldn't be totally shocked if this is a very close win.

    Vs. ISUr - Loss. I think the late season grind cates up with us here, and we drop this one.

    Vs UNI - Win. The Isu loss focuses the team and they come out with revenge on the panthers (who will also have a young QB). I think one of the ISUR/UNI games will be a loss, and I think ISUR will be the better team.

    @USD - Win. I think the Yotes have potential, but on paper, this isn't a winning O-Line or Defense, and I think theyll be below .500 again this year. Playing down at the Dome, this will be tough, and a shootout victory for them is totally possible. But I think their O-line will be no better than last year, and I'm not sure the rest of the team can make up for it. Win.

    9-3 overall, and 6-2 in the Valley.
    I can see 8-4 pretty easy, and maybe 10-2.

    Let's see your predictions!

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    Default Re: 2019 Season Prediction and MVFC/Top 25 Standings

    I'd be shocked if we went 10-2.

    I'm guessing we are likely 8-4 with a shot to be 9-3 if things really come together.

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    Default Re: 2019 Season Prediction and MVFC/Top 25 Standings

    Check out our podcast to hear my bold predictions and Thumper's wishy washy version of predicting games from the 5 minute mark to about 25 minutes:

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