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Thread: GDT: Sooners vs Jackrabbits at Frost

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    Great, great win minus the god-awful stretch of really dumb turnovers in the middle of 2nd half that allowed them to get back into it. 4 out of like 6 trips we just threw the ball away - just really unforced errors. Glad we were able to survive that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southeast View Post
    It's great to be in a place where you can play far from your best game and still beat OU. To be fair, their defense was intense in the second half - way above typical Summit League level.

    OU is bound to pick up some good wins and help keep the RPI up. It was good that they made us battle to the end - more good experience for when things get tight later on.
    Love that we schedule these type teams in the OOC portion of our schedule.These games challenge our players to become even better by going up against great athletes.Hope we continue to do it year after year.
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